Friday, January 4, 2013

Catrice - Leaving soon products = SALE!

 Catrice is saying goodbye to some of their products and we all know what that means! SALE! Usually I buy Catrice products in Muller stores and in the last two years they had some really great sales when the collection changed. Usually all products cost somewhere between 2 to 3 euros, which is simply fantastic since this is a brand of really great make up with low prices already, plus they don't test on animals!

Let's check out what goes out!

460 John Lemon

480 Kiwi Wonder

490 Vanessa's Paradise

500 Hip Hop On The Tree Top

520 Bonnie&Cloud

030 OMG I Want That!

050 Twinkle in The Eye

060 Rumble In The Jungle

060 Brooke's Blue Lagoon

050 Metall Of Honor

040 Billy Jeans

Eyeliners and Eye pencils:
060 Black Green

020 It's Mambo Nr.2

010 Blackstreet boy

020 Like A Grayer

040 Rolling Like A Stone

060 Khakitoo

070 I Wood If I Could

080 Wildthing

090 Gold Me Tight
110 My Ninja Purple
020 Gloria Greynor
Better than Waterproof Mascara, 010 Black
Fake it! False lashes Mascara
040 Lost In The Woods
160 Tell Me A Berry-tail
200 More is More
020 First Kiss
030 Sweeten Up!
050 Naturally Pink

080 Bare Necessity
110 Knock On Wood
120 Berry Good
130 Neil´s Arms Are Strong
140 Juri Is GAGArin
150 Candyfornication
160 Flirty Fuchsia
170 Peach Boy
180 Little Red Dress
190 Nude-Tritious
010 Light Bronze
Concealer and Coverstick:
030 rosy beige
010 Light Beige, 020 Honey Beige and
030 Apricot Beige
040 Sun Beige
Powder Foundation:
020 Sand Beige
050 Caramel Beige and
060 Sun Beige
Base and primer:
Do you find anything you will regret to see it leaving? As for myself I wish more lipglosses would stay, the gel eyeliner looked promising and at least I will have a chance to buy it for even less money. The longlasting eyeshadow also looks great, always wanted to buy it, but never did. I hope I don't miss it now!

Thanks for reading and take care!

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  1. So happy that i found the last lipstick in Tell Me A Berry-tail .. i wish we'd had also the concealer


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