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Empties #13 :)

Hello! It's been ages since I posted about empties. I have collected a huge pile of things I used up and some of these I liked and some not so much. If you want to know which ones are good and I would like to  buy again, keep on reading!

A couple of shower products I have used up! Kozmetika Afrodita 100& SPA body scrub with strawberry scent is definitely one of my favourites and on my repurchase list! I love the scent, the effect on my skin, the small scrub particles and the price as well. Most definitely will buy again or give someone as a gift! I have also used up one of the limited editions shower gel which was perfect for all floral lovers out there - Kozmetika Afrodita Romantic Spirit Bouquet of flowers cream shower gel. I think Kozmetika Afrodita really got so much better at all their cosmetic items and I am really loving their shower gels lately, especially the cream and oil textures they have offerd in the last year never dissapoint. I have also tried and used up Kozmetika Afrodita Natural Balance intimate wash. I have not posted about this product on my blog as I have used it up sooner, but I liked it It's gentle, effective, has a very mild scent to it, but nothing that would disturb the balance of the skin. Repurchase: Yes to body scrub and intimate wash. No to the shower gel, as I want to try new ones.

I have not used many Dove shower gels so far, but I have to admit, I usually really like them. They have creamy texture, smell nice and my skin always feels nice after using them. I have tried Dove Purely pampering nourishing shower gel - sweet cream with peony, but I can not really say it did anything special or that it smelled really great. It was good, but nothing special at the same time. I have also tried two shower gels by Oriflame. One of the more spring ones was Oriflame Bright bouquet shower cream, with a light green colour and floral scent. I liked this one, however it did not do much for my skin. Last one was such a treat! Oriflame Swedish Spa Refreshing shower gel + soap (soap is not on the photo as I used it up and haven't saved the packaging) was really lovely to use and my skin was soft and nourished after use. Repurchase: Yes, I would buy again the Swedish Spa Refreshing shower gel! No to the Dove shower gel.

Last Christmas I got to try some Sephora goodies! I have used up Sephora Let it snow bubble bath & shower gel LE and I really liked the scent of it! Also the packaging was pretty! Along with it I have also used up another fresh scented shower product - Adria Spa lemon & immortelle shower foam. Perfect summer companion and definitely one of my all time favourite shower gels. In the same category I could also include LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel. It's brigh pink and smells like bubble gum, it's so fun to use that I was having a hard time saving it up a bit. I have used it up in summer time, but because it took me so long to post about it, it is available again in the winter collection! Repurchase: Yes, I will most definitely buy LUSH this winter and Adria Spa next spring/summer. No for the Sephora shower gel as it was LE.

On the more natural side I have used up two shower gels that I could include in the natural cosmetics. The WELEDA Citrus shower lotion was one of my favourite products during Spring. I just loved this fresh scent, it's lemony, but creamy. It feels good on the skin, no irritations and the skin feels very soft after use. Similar goes for Dvorec Trebnik Shower gel marigold, which is very gentle. I am not a big fan of the scent though, but I reall like the texture and the feeling on my skin after showering. Repurchase: Yes, definitely will buy Weleda again, Dvorec Trebnik as well, but maybe some other scent.

A bunch of hair products I have used up! First one is Subrina Vitamines & Strength conditioner for strengthening weakened hair. I must admit this was not one of my favourites, as I always felt my hair were still rough after use, not smooth and soft and hydrated enough. The other two products on the photo speak for themselves, I have two, which means I have repushased and must have been satisfied before. L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology thickening shampoo is on my repurchase list for about two years now and I really love it. My hair feel nourished and soft after use, also gives them some shine and I just always keep a bottle of this at home. Repurchase: Yes, L'Oreal is one of my favourites! No to Subrina, as it didn't do much for my hair.

Another of my all time favourites - Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. It depends on how much I have to work and such and if I have enough time to wash my hair every two days, but if I don't, I always reach for my dry shampoo. I probably use up a bottle per month. So you will keep seeing this one in my new in and empties blog post. I usually use it up before I get the chance to actually post about it as well. The other two products are AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner and AUSSIE Repair Miracle shampoo. I liked both of these products, however I don't find them that amazing. They did the job, they smelled nice, but they weren't anything outstanding. I just feel like that L'Oreal has something in their products that fits my hair better and I will probably stick with them (shampoos as well as conditiners). Repurchase: Yes, Batiste is one of my favourites. No to Aussie, as it didn't impress me that much.

Paul Mitchell Lavander Mint moisturizing shampoo and conditioner were such a treat for me! This smelled so nice, I love lavander scented products. My hair loved the duo, the shampoo was effective but gentle and the conditioner on top really did the trick and got my hair in smooth and polished state. Too bad these two were small, only 75 ml sized. REVLON UniqOne all in one hair treatment coconut was actually empty for some time now, but I forgot about it. I have not used this one in so long and I really miss it. I think I might repurchase in winter time as this just gets my hair right and  nourishes them really well. Plus it smells nice and doesn't grease my hair up. the price for this one is a bit of a turn off. Last hair product I have used up is Balea Oil repair hair oil. I liked this one and I used it on my hair ends. It took me about a year to use it up as I was testing other stuff as well, but in that time it was always doing it's job and never failed. However, I felt like this had a bit too greasy texture for my liking. It was good, but after trying out the Oriflame Eleo oil, I just can't go back to anything else. Repurchase: Yes, definitely will buy Revlon again, Paul Mitchell is a maybe, depends on the price. No to Balea hair oil, as I want to try other products.

Borotalco Original with Microtalc is another one of my favourites. I have used up a couple of these up to now and I have one at home at all times. This one actually helps me the way no other has yet. I don't smell bad, I don't sweat as much, I know I can trust this one and I don't need to reapply several times a day as I always had to with other deodorants. CD Deo Roll-on pomegranate deodorant is quite the opposite. I used this one up in a couple of months as I only used it after showering and on days when I didn't shave my armpits. This has too much alcohol in it and just doesn't feel good on the skin, though the alcohol and tingly/burning ( if I shaved before) sensation calms down in a matter of minutes. Anyway, not for me. I do like the shower gel from the collection though. Repurchase: Yes, Borotalco is one of my favourites! No to CD, as it had too much alcohol.

Two anticelulite products I have used up in spring/early summer time - De Le Roi Anti - cellulit cream and 4 kids and us anti - cellulite milk. The first honestly didn't do anything for me. I used it up in hopes I will see some result and I didn't, therefore I never made a review of this one. The texture of this was too thick for my liking, it didn't absorb fast and it simply had no effect on me. The second one had such a lovely scent! I loved the 4 kids and us cream, it also worked well on me. I could feel it working on my skin, thanks to the natural ingredients and especially the rosemary and juniper. The effect was also noticeable, especially the skin felt more elastic and hydrated. Repurchase: Yes, I would buy 4 kids and us again, but it's a bit expensive. No to De Le Roi, as it had no effect on me.

A couple of minis I have used up! L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet hand cream had a lovely light scent to it, I also loved it because it was small and portable. The effect on my skin was good, but the best one I get with the regular shea butter hand cream they offer. One of my favourites last winter was the Miel Mandarine collection. Before summer I have used up L'Occitane  Miel Mandarine hand cream and lip balm. I liked both of these products but the lip balm was truly amazing. I am really sad I can not buy another one... One of the best discoveries of the year was Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Sereine moisturizing hand cream. The whole collection gets pure love from me as the scent is just so fresh and pure and relaxing. I really recommend you go try it out if you haven't yet! Last bit was another amazing lip balm that actually worked on my lips - Oriflame Love Nature lip balm olive oil. I have never posted about it but I know they still sell it and if you can get it I definitely recommend it. It nourishes my lips  and it is a bit on the greasy side, but it was a part of my night time routine and I always woke up with soft and pampered lips. Repurchase: Yes, definitely will buy again Eau Sereine hand cream and Oriflame lip balm! No to vanilla hand cream, as the regular one is better, Miel Mandarine was limited edition, otherwise I would purchase right now!

I also tried to use up as much of my skin care products as possible. LaBri Vilinska lepota Cvet češnje lahka krema za mlado kožo (Cherry blossom face cream for young skin) was a light cream with a light texture and in that way suitable for young skin. However this was a bit on the drying side, meaning my skin needed more care than this cream could provide. The LaBri Vilinska lepota cvetlično čistilno mleko (floral cleansing milk) was quite good! I liked this one, it did the job, though I needed my usual cleanser after it and wash it off with water. The product was gentle and didn't irritate my skin, which is a win for me. I have tried some more L'Occitane products. L'Occitane Creme confort Shea 5% light comforting cream was a really good cream! I used this mostly in early spring time and I must admit I like the scent, the texture, the effect on my skin, but not the price. It could be a very good winter cream for anyone with normal to mixed skin type. The L'Occitane Gentle toner enriched with shea has become one of my favourites from the first try and I am really happy when I get to use some more. It's gentle, effective, doesn't iritate my skin, hydrates it nicely and smells nice. Really good to use in the morning to prep my skin for foundation as well. Last bit it  L'Occitane Shea 5% face comforting oil. I liked this one, as it was gentle and effective, however I got the small sample and I can not really say much about it. It feels nice on the skin, hydrates ok, but it didn't leave a wow effect on me. Repurchase: Yes to L'Occitane gentle toner, the rest is a maybe

I have tested Ebrand in the beginning of the year, but it only now got to the empties blog post. I have used up the EBRAND facial toner,  calming face cream for sensitive skin, cleansing milk, facial peeling. I really liked the toner, face cream  and the cleansing milk. The collection as a whole was effective, my skin responded well to it and the effects were visible. I still use the almond acid for my acne and it really helps. Repurchase: Yes, once I use up all the products I already have. I would especially love to get some more toner and cleansing milk.

Kozmetika Afrodita Oil Control 24h moisturizing cream was in my bathroom for ages and was empty for a long time, but I simply forgot to include it in my empties blog post. I really liked this cream, but it's not available anymore. It had a light lemony scent and a nice texture. Caudalie Polyphenol anti-wrinkle eye & lip cream was one of the best eye creams I have ever tried. It actually helped me and my dark under eye circles! I admit this is a bit expensive for me to buy, but I really loved it. If I hadn't three creams opened at the moment, I would repurchase anyway. Melvita Damask rose floral water is a classic. Floral waters are a staple in my skincare routine and I tend to repurchase as soon as possible. Maybe not exactly this one but I usually have at leats one at home. The Melvita one really impressed me with the gentle rose scent and the light texture that didn't create a greasy layer on my skin. Repurchase: Yes, both Caudalie and Melvita, but when I use up my stash. No to Kozmetika Afrodita, as the product has been discontinued.

NIVEA Aqua Effect refreshing cleansing mousse was actually a repurchase and for a time I really liked it. I haven't used face foams in a while now and I think I will stick with the gel cleansers.  This one was good though, effective, gentle enough, but than again nothing special. MIRATI  Face wash was super gentle and effective, it had a weird scent though. I liked the gelly texture, it felt refreshing on the skin. I used it up pretty fast, in about a month or maybe less, so it's not the best budget option. Repurchase: No, both of these are good, but I have discovered better products in the last couple of months that suit me better.

One of the brands I was lucky to try out this year was Skin Blossom. I must admit that I really like their products. They are natural, vegan, gentle to the skin and nature. I have used up SKIN BLOSSOM Gentle face wash and Facial toner, both products were pretty amazing to my skin! The toner was hydrating and a good base for a primer and foundation on top in the mornings. The gentle face wash was also as the name says, gentle, but effective. Both products are universal and I think would fit with many skin types. Repurchase: Yes, I loved both of these!

One of my favourite skin care products are face masks. I have used a couple here and the first two are Montagne Jeunesse Juiced Cucumber Peel Off Masque and  Dead Sea Mud Pac. It's hard to say which one was better, as both have been good to my skin. The cucumber one left my skin really refreshed and the mud pac worked well for my oily to combination skin type. I think I will try these again, if I get the chance. Kozmetika Afrodita Why mask Extreme hydration face mask worked well for me too, helped my dehydrated skin in the summer a lot! Plus the price is reasonable for an effective mask. Kozmetika Afrodita Peeling+Anti wrinkle mask has a duo side, one side is a facial peeling to prep your skin and the second side is a mask to hydrate your skin. I liked it, but it's not sold anymore. Repurchase: Yes, I liked the Why mask Extreme hydration as well as the Montagne Jeunesse (now called 7th Heaven) masks.

Catrice Eyebrow filler perfecting & shaping gel was one of my everyday products I used for as long as possible. I liked it because it gave me a bit of definition but not too much, so my eyebrows never looked too done. I have a similar product at the moment by Essence and it's just as effective. Essence Lash princess volume mascara was an ok mascara, but I honestly can not say it was that good I would buy it again. It defined my lashes but it didn't give me as much volume as I  would like. AVON BIG & False lash volume mascara was quite a good mascara, I used it a lot and I actually used it up, not just let it dry and grow old in my bathroom. It was a good choice for everyday makeup, lasted well and caused no panda effect. The brush was quite big so I had to get used to it at first. Ebelin nail polish remover with almond scent was already a repurchase and I have a bottle of this at home at ll times. Nothing special to say about it, it works, it's cheap and available at every DM store. For my needs it removes my nailpolish just fine. One of the products I saved and cheriched and used only for special occassions was Urban Decay All nighter makeup setting spray. It worked well on me, but I have to admit it's not that special after all. It's quite expensive and there are a lot of makeup setting sprays out there that are cheaper and I don't have to order online. Oriflame makeup sponge was my first makeup sponge ever. I liked it but it wasn't that great. It was hard to wash it out at the end and I decided to throw it away. Since then I have tried two more by Ebelin and I think that I will stick with those two for now. Repruchase: Yes to Ebelin nail polish remover, maybe for All nighter makeup setting spray and no to eyebrow gel, Essence mascara, Avon mascara and makeup sponge.

Rimmel  Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder 001 Transparent has  already been repurchased a couple of times and remains one of my favourite pressed powders to use. I like that it's matte and helps me create a matte look with any foundation or prolong the matte look of mattifying liquid foundation. I don't need much of it and it doesn't dust all over the place. A classic for me, plus cheap!  Maybelline Instant Anti-age concealer in shade Light was all the rage  a couple of year ago and I had my chance to try it out. I liked it however it didn't really do much for my undereye area as I have really big and deep undereye area, so I need something that really creates a good illusion on my face.  L'Oreal Infallible mattifying base primer is one of the best primers I have tried so far! I have used another tube of this by the time I got to write about this one here! I am currently testing a primer by Deborah, but I will definitely return to this one. Last product from this massive collection of empties is another primer - MaxFactor Facefinity all day primer spf 20. I really liked this one too, also repurchased it. I t worked well on me, helped me prolong my Bourjois foundations really well. However, I can not find it anywhere in the stores anymore. I am not keen on buying this online as it comes in a glass packaging and I don't want it sent to me broken. Repurchase: Yes to Rimmel powder and L'Oreal primer, no to Maybelline concealer and MaxFactor primer.

The end! Thank you for checking out this very long post! Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them as well? Anything on your repurchase list?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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