Friday, November 18, 2016

First Impressions: CATRICE - Neo-Natured LE

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted about latest purchase and my first impressions. I have two new products from the new, currently available Catrice limited edition named Neo- natured. I resisted the temptation for as long as possible but than I read a couple of good reviews, two of them from my fellow slovenian beauty bloggers and I just had to grab these two cuties! So here are my first impressions for Neo-natured LE C03 Woodlands LiBERRY lip colour and blush C01 Walk In The Woods.:)


There are three lipsticks available in the collection and I have chosen the third shade, called Woodlands LiBERRY. The other two shades were pale creamy sort of pastel pink and a bit more browny maroon like shade. I have enough of the red lipsticks to last me three lifetimes but I still couldn't resist. After seeing swatches at Sara's Passing Fancy blog I just had to get one as well. The shade is perfect for autumn season and the packaging of the whole collection just falls in line with the whole vibe of the edition. The packaging is super pretty with the wood like colours and the feel of the material. The shade is not a classic red, but more like a mix of deep warm red with brown undertones. The texture is creamy, but not heavy. I can apply only one layer and be done with it, so the pigmentation is good as well. The finish is creamy, not too shiny. It doesn't last long on me, average three hours, of course without drinking or eating.  I like the shade a lot and I think it suits me! 


The blush from this collection is such a treat! I was first intrigued to buy it when I read Ina's from Hysteria of Decay review and she really recommended the blush. The magnetic, bamboo packaging is so pretty! It feels more luxurious especially for the price. It doesn't open as usual blushes but the lid on top slides to the side and than closes back with a tiny magnet, so it also stays closed. You can see how this opens up and closes in my video here. The shade is perfect for different skin tones, but will suit lighter ones best. To me this is a sort of dusty rose pink shade and I find it suitable for everyday wear! The finish is semi-matte on me and the pigmentation is good. It includes tiny golden shimmer, but it's visible only up very close and on the face it's not too strong. On me this looks like a warm rose shade, so it suits me well and I think I can wear this in any season really. I have read comments that this one dusts a lot, but when I tried it first I noticed that my brush picked up a lot of the product in just one swipe and didn't dust at all. Probably depends on the brush you decide to use. The blush lasts well on me, I have worn this for about 6 hours and noticed minimal difference in that time. 

Shades without any touch ups done to the photo.
Hope this super short first imressions were useful to you! To all Slovenia based readers - if you like this collection you should really try to get to the stores as soon as possible as collection is already being sold. I got mine at DM store, both products were 5, 29 euros.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Meni je full všeč ta wood videz :)

  2. Hvala za link <3 Šminka ti pa res ful paše in zdaj bi jo jaz tudi imela :)

  3. Meni je embalaža top, ker je res tako eko bio, unikatna. Me pa tudi mika nakup tega blusha pa tudi odtenka šminke sta zelo lepa. xx


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