Thursday, November 3, 2016

Perfect lightweight foundation - Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION :)

Hello! I haven't talked about a foundatioin in some time now, so I felt like writing a post about one of the foundations I have tried this year - Lancôme Miracle Cushion! The cushion foundations have been very popular in the last year, the trend, again, coming to us from asian countries, as all the best trends and cosmetics does! So here's my two cents about one of the most popular foundations of the year!

Foundation is one of the products that I use regularly and can't really imagine my day without it. The one I choose depends on what I am doing, on my skin needs and also on weather conditions or which season of the year it is. In spring and summer I start to look for lighter products, products that are lightweight, effective, that are easy to use and look more natural. I feel like autumn and winter offer more space for full on foundations and spring and summer are best for lighter products. So this is also one of the reasons why I used the Lancôme Miracle Cushion in summertime almost every day!

Cushion based foundations originate from Korea and have been around for quite some time now, from about 2008. Like the BB trend it has influenced the world and a lot of companies offer the cushion version of foundations by now. The reasoning behind the cushion based compacts is that it's not just easier to create a sheer, glowing finish on the skin, but also easier to add nourishing ingredients to a cream product rather than  your traditional liquid foundation. 

The packaging is round, compact and includes a large round mirror inside. It includes silicione face sponge  and  stand alone, sealed compartment. Within the compartment is the cushion soaked with foundation. The idea is that you use the provided clean sponge, press it onto the cushion in the second compartment and than gently press the product that transfers to the sponge on your face. The cushion is soaked with the mix of cream and foundation, so the mixture creates a perfect lightweight and nourishing foundation. You can purchase the compact once and than buy refills whenever you like. This also makes it handy to change the colour if you get a bit of tan, but you can still transport the compact with you without buying a new one.

The cushion part is what got me really intrigued. When I first opened it up it didn't seem like there's anything in it. But when I started pressing in, the foundation from the bottom would come up and soak up the whole cushion, colour it in the shade of the foundation. I have the shade 25 Beige Naturel and I thought at first look that it will be too dark for me, but in summertime the shade was a perfect fit. The cushion inside gets soaking wet with the product but never leaks or spills. The foundations feels super light, very airy and also light on the skin. I expected the finish to be quite glowy and that I would need a lot of setting powder on top of it, but I was pleasently surprised when I saw that it sets into a very naturally looking velvety finish. It doesn't look completely matte on me, it does give me some more glow and my face does look more fresh and bright, but at the same time not oily or greasy and needs just a touch of powder on top. My skin has been quite problematic in the last six or more months so I wasn't satisified with the coverage. The coverage is light on my skin, though some claim it can be built up a bit to look more medium covering. On me this evens out the skintone and gives a nice natural look, but it doesn't cover my pores, my acne and acne scares. So all of that need some concealer. In summertime this was still a perfect solution for me as I was trying to avoid heavy and full coverage foundations. The Lancôme Miracle Cushion offered me just the right amount of colour, care and a natural finish. It blends seamlessly into the skin, I used a lot the added sponge and also clean fingers. I didn't use brush as I felt I was wasting too much product. There is almost no blending needed, unless you are trying to layer this up. Though it did not cover my large pores much it also didn't settle into them too much, which is always a plus. I haven't noticed it clinging to any dry areas. It helped me create a natural look, fresh and bright face. Lasting power depended a lot on the weather. The really hot days were quite tricky, but the usual summer days were quite good for such a light texture. The foundation lasted on me for 6 to 8 hours without much change, though I did use some concealer on top and setting powder as well. Plus, the formula includes SPF 23, which is always welecome.

Personally I believe this has a texture a lot of people out there are looking for but can't find it in regular foundations or BB/CC/DD creams. It is easy to apply, easy to blend, can be layers up if you need it and really has the lightest formulation I have ever tried. The only downside I see is the lack of coverage, if this had at least medium coverage on me I would call this product pure perfection. If you don't need heavy foundations to hide your skin problems such as acne and acne scars, than this just might be perfect for you! If you are not keen on wearing heavy foundations - this is a must try! And if you feel like BB creams just settle into the skin and look more like a coloured skincare product, without actually making much difference, this is also perfect for you! 

As for myself, I must say I like the idea of the texture and how to apply this foundation, it feels like something luxurious. Like a little something for maximum effect. I also like the scent of the product, which is gentle and a bit soapy. The Miracle Cushion will suit also those with sensitive and dry skin, as it really feels hydrating on the skin and never enhances my dry patches, especially around any healing acne scars. 

The price for the product is 43 euros, there are 11 shades in total. In Slovenia there are 6 shades available. You can also purchase just the refill, without the compact, the refill retail at around 30 euros. 

This product goes into my top best products of the summer 2016 as well as top best products of the year 2016. I used it all summer and it went with me on my travels everywhere! It didn't give me full coverage or at least medium coverage (my skin is unfortunately looking like a minefield, it's really hard to cover everything up), but it did give me even skin tone, nice finish and natural looking face. It felt super light, it is super easy to use and it's portable.  Also love the mirror inside, always handy. It helped me hydrate my skin and protect it from the sun, it was a perfect summer companion! I will definitely use it in the future!

For those of us who wanted to see this kind of product with more coverage they now also offer Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, which has a more creamy texture, not as wet as this one here, which makes it more covering, long lasting and also with a matte finish. Plus the SPF is 50! If you have tried this one let me know, share the links to your blog posts or the blog posts you liked and insipred you to buy this version as well! I am very interested in trying this one as well!

Hope this post was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** PR product. Review is based on my own experinces with the product.


  1. this foundation blends in so naturally ! thanks for the review

    1. Yes, it does! Perfect for all who don't really want to wear the usual heavy foundations. :)


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