Monday, November 28, 2016

November is time for MOVEMBER!

Hello everyone! Time for a different blog post, although still cosmeticaly themed! I have never posted for Movember and I am just barely catching the last days of November to do this post. I have borrowed my partners cosmetics and his grooming items and also all the other items you see on the photos. Movember is annual, sort of event, involving growing your beards and moustaches with the sole purpose of raising awareness of men's health issues! This event has become well known and it's a perfect excuse to share with you some mens cosmetics!

Part 1 - Showering, shaving, ...

I'll keep this  a lot shorter than my usual blog posts, therefore in the spirit of men talking about cometics - to the point. I am lucky my partner isn't picky about shower gels and such products. He likes if they smell fresh and do the job, but that's it. Currently he is using NIVEA Energy shower gel, that can be used for hair as well. It does have a very fresh, cirty scent and the texture is nothing special, the usual shower gel. Does the job and lighlty scents the skin. It can be used for face as well, but we usually share cleansing gels or he tend to wash his face just with water. To actually shave to the skin, which he isn't of late, he uses NIVEA Senstive shaving gel without alcohol and with nice thick texture to prevent any skin damage and cuts. Currently at home, though not really used, are Balea Men Precision 5 razors. Of late he mostly uses Philips AquaTouch wet&dry shaver. He mostly uses this to trim and shorten his facial hair, not really to shave it. He likes that this one can be used for wet shaving, but it's not that precise and must be used slowly and carefully or it can irritate skin. Keeping the beard area clean is very important  as many things can get stuck in it - such as crumbles, everyday dirt, sweating,...Facial wash is a must, either it's a regular face wash or  shampoo. Shampoo will also soften the facial hair or you can try some gentle oil based shower gels, but don't consume any while showering. 

Part 2 - Balms, creams, perfumes...

Second part includes creams, pomades, balms and products that can help shape your moustache or beard. Along with such products you shoul also help yourself trim your facial hair with mini scissors, tweezers and a comb, that doesn't have their teeth too close (so it won't pull at the hair). The Afrodita Cosmetics Men 24h Hydra Extreme matt effect facial cream has been repurchased many times and still gets most praised by my boyfriend. It's got light texture, hydrates well enough, doesn't grease up the skin, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and provides matte effect. He was never big on creams, but this one really gets used up quickly! For beard he has tried Afrodita Cosmetics  Balm it! beard conditioner and he liked to use it right after he showers, as it helps keep the hair more soft and not itch so much. Also I like the hair smoother and not itchy when I want to cuddle :P  He uses it regularly, at least every two to three days. It has a nice scent to it and it's not too greasy, so the skin doesn't react in any unpleasant way. It actually helps him keep his skin less irritated! He also tried  Afrodita CosmeticsWax it! beard wax,  but he doesn't use it as regularly as the balm, as this one is a bit more greasy (it's a wax, so it will always be abit more greas). Mostly he uses this at night, when he doesn't mind if the beard looks a bit more shiny than usual. The wax and the balm don't have similar scents, but the wax also smells nice, according to him. It's a nice addition to the balm and gives more shine than balm. He mostly applys the wax around his moustache as the skin there is more irritated and needs more skin.  The balm has been repurchased a couple of times in the past months as it really does help a lot! He likes to use perfume before going to work and the one that gotattention lately is by Oriflame, called Possess EdT. This one was actually chosen by me and given to him as a gift, but it smells so nice! It's a combination of pineapple, laurel leaf and iris flower. Fresh and strong at the same time, not the usual men perfume, thanks to the addition of pineapple. I think I might buy this one again as well.

I hope this quick peek into my boyfriends routine has given you some ideas what to use if you want to keep your facial hair a little bit longer! Movember is not just about what products to use to keep your beard nicely shaped and soft, but about men's health, and issuses we do not speak about as much as we do about breast cancer and such diseases. Hope you stay healthy and well groomed! 

Thanks for reading!

A special thanks to my better half for lending me the items for this post and sharing his experiences with you! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

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