Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer vibes on my skin! :)

Hello! Time really flies when you are having fun and this summer I really enjoyed myself a lot. Therefore I feel like I haven't even done much yet and we are already closing in to an end of August! Already?! But in the good spirit of hot, warm days I have a couple of cosmetic companions that I loved this summer and will help me transition to Fall season.

Summer is about fresh, vibrant shades and scents. Not just in the fresh food and ice cream but also in some very good cosmetic products! I have loved  couple of the I love ... products that I loved to use! :P Mango & Papaya shower gel was really fruity and sweet, as well as the lip  gloss! My skin loved the shower gel as it was on the creamy side, a bit more hydrating than I expected and also smelled very lovely. Sadly the scent didn't linger on my skin for very long. The lip gloss is thick, but not sticky. It has a bit of a colour to it, so in summer this was perfect to apply and be out on my way. Easy to use, gentle orange shade to my lips with a glossy finish. Also includes a bit of golden shimmer, but that's always welcome in summer time!

Now, it wouldn't be summer without some beauty oils! I have used and loved a lot of them, but the most summer-ish of them all were the  Anaya Smart Cosmetics Kristall  oil* and the Adria Spa Antistress oil*! I used the Kristall oil mostly on my face and it's got a very lovely lemony scent to it! Also nourishes the skin well and  I am kinda sad to see it almost empty now. Though it does help my skin a lot, especially with healing acne scars which I have had a lot more in the last two months than in a whole year before. The Antistress oil is one of my latest new in products and I love this one for summer time as it also has a very fresh and fruity scent to it. It feels light but nourishing  and doesn't leave my skin with a greasy film on top. Two perfect oils for summer skin care!

My evenings are always more interesting if I can use one of the more freshly scented products and summer is perfect time for some juicy shower gels. I love fresh scents all year long, but summer really calls for something more citrusy, therefore I chose the Adria Spa Lemon & Immortelle shower foam* and Balea Buttermilk & Lemon peeling as my go to products! They both have really fresh lemon scent that also lingers on the skin. These two feel very refreshing and are prefect companions for very hot summer days!

After shower I like to finish  with some skin care and on days when I wasn't using oils I loved to apply the perfecr summer body gelee by Balea with  mint and watermelon scent! I have not posted much about it on my blog before, but I did mention it in my June Favourites! It has a light gel texture, it has a bit of light peachy pink coloring but it's really transparent and feel very jelly when you try to take it out from the pot. It smells super fresh and nourishes my skin well. However I feel like this is best for normal to mixed skin type, as it's not that hydrating that it would suit dry or sensitive skin. The scent is very strong and the combination of mint and watermelon gives a special twist to my evening routine. To finish off my skincare I usually spray a bit of L'Occitane's Verveine Body spray*! It hydrates a bit as well as helps me protect my skin from mosquito bites! I mostly use this on my upper body, but later, when the body gelee absorbs I spray it on my legs as well! Again, the body spray has a very fresh citrusy scent to it that also lingers on my skin!

On days when I was getting ready to go out in the mornings I usually finished my routine with some light fragrance! This spring/summer season I have adored the Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Sereine cologne* as well as the Eau Aimable*. The absolute winner of the spring/summer season is without a doubt Eau Sereine as it's just a perfect mix of freshness - lavander, mandarine, bergamote and cedre scent mixed together are simply pure joy to use! I have talked some more about the collection here! I have also used a lot the Eau Aimable cologne, but this one is a lot sweeter than the first one mentioned. It's a combo of bergamot, orange blossom and mandarine, making it a more fruity, but sweet scent. On the days when I felt like I needed a change I opted for the Eau Aimable, but on the really hot days and when I was just simply on the go I usually went for the Eau Sereine. Both are lovely, but I do have to admit I love the Eau Sereine more. Along with Eau Aimable I have also used a smile lip balm* with the same scent and I loved it! It has the same scent and gives some hydration to my lips. Easy to use on the go, has a lovely fresh scent, but doesn't include any SPF. However it feels very light on the lips and gives them a bit of shine, so this was in my handbag at all times!

Have you tried any of these? Do you like them? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.

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