Monday, August 15, 2016

July Favourites :)

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am a bit late this month with my regular blog posts, such as monthly favourites. However I have decided not to make a double post later at the end of August, but rather two separate as I have quite a lovely bunch of amazing products to share with you. Now, let's go see what I loved using in the previous month!

First two favourites are Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel and Weleda Venadoron*. I have talked about the Aloe Vera gel already a bit in my NEW IN July blog post. I really love to use Aloe Vera regularly, but in summer time it's my essential product! Helps me calm down my skin, regenerate, hydrate. Especially I love to use it after being on the sun all day, so my skin really gets some hdyration, even the length of my arms and back, which I normall don't massage with creams and oils. The second product is Weleda Venadoron, another summer essential product that helped me so much, especially during my vacations. I was walking around so much that my legs felt heavy all the time. This really helped me refresh and lift the heavy feel of my legs and also helped my veins under my knees. Full review is here (sorry, only in Slovene).

Two more skincare items I loved using in the previous month - AVON SUN Moisturizing face cream suitable for senstive skin SPF 30*  and Sudocrem protective cream.  I have received the Avon cream for review purposes and I must say I loved using it. It's got light texture, doesn't have a very strong smell to it and protects well. I mostly used this one on it's own, not as a base for other foundations, as it was a bit greasy on my face, or maybe I just always applied a really heavy layer. Anyway, it felt light on the skin, even though I looked a bit shiny at first. I liked this one a lot! Summer time always brings back the worst skin for me - the redness, acne, after shaving bumps, after waxing bumps and ingrown hair and all.. and this year I finally found a perfect treatment for all such problems - Sudocrem! It's actually a cream for baby rashes and you will find in the store (like for example DM store) next to other baby creams and products.  It costs about 7 euros, but it's definitely worth it as it actually helps me a lot! The bikini area has been especially grateful to this cream. It's thick and very white, leaves a bit of a white streak on the skin, even when really blended and massaged in. So I prefer to use this in the evening and at times when I don't wear shorts or bikinis. Anway, this really helped me - my scars and red bumps from shaving healed well and fast, a day or two and it looked pretty much better than before. Also helped me with acne on my arms and bum, I just applied this on the spots and it helped me dry out the acne a lot faster!

Summer is ideal for products that you simply spray on! I loved two in the previous month - Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry 50 ml* and L'Occitane Face Comforting Mist 50 ml. The Batiste dry shampoo has been in my daily routine for some time now, I really love it! If you read my previous  empties blog posts you were able to see that I have repurchased it many times. I usually buy the one for medium brown hair, but I was happy to receive a different one - cherry scented, just to see how well it worked for me. I loved the scent and the effect was the same - simply perfect! I just spray this on the roots at the front of my head where I get greasy fast and tha let it set a bit, wait a minute and than comb through with a fat brush with natural hairs, as it tends to really rub the product in to the scalp and hair. Usual plastic brushes don't perform as well and can leave some thickness or white streaks along my hair. This dry shampoo really works and holds all day, my hair look freshly washed, even though they are not. The second sprey product I loved is by L'Occitane and I actually bought it months ago, but got to use it more often now. It's  a super light spray that is also very gentle to the skin. I use it instead of my usual toner, especially during travels and also to refresh my face from time to time when being outdoors all day. The sprey pump really disperses the product evenly and in a thin mist, so I can never apply too much, unless I want to. When I use it as a toner, I tend to spray it into my hands and than apply it all over, simply just dab it with my fingers. Perfect summer refresher, suitable for sensitive skin and enriched with shea butter.

The holy trio of my holidays - Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation 025  Beige Naturel*, Oriflame Giordani Gold Illuminating Pearls and Catrice Sound Of Silence LE Fluid Glow c01 Golden Spirit. I loved these so much and used them a lot!  The lancome Cushion is perfect for summer time! Gives me a bit of coverage but feels very light on the skin and creates a very natural look. I have a bit more acne lately, so it doesn't cover everything, but it does the job well! Has a lovely scent to it and the shade suits me best at the moment as I have a bit of a tan. Also easy to apply and blend, wears nicely and lasts well on me, even in the heat! I will post a full review as I have been using it a lot in the past month and got to really know it well! I am already thinking of getting another refill in lighter shade for colder months when tha tan fades. The Catrice Fluid Glow is also simply amazing! The loveliest glow of them all and I can use it all over my body! Just gives me a lovely satin sheen, no greasy large shimmer and looks super sexy! Especially loved to use this in the evening time, to give me some more shine and definition. I mixed it with my body lotion as well and it looked super pretty. The Illuminating pearls have been in use a lot during last month, especially during holidays! They are perfect light illuminator and super easy to use! I must say these have become one of my all time favourites as they give a nice glow, but it looks very natural! Also, they smell nice and the effect can be built up, if needed. Plus the packaging is pretty and well, I just love these! One of the latest beauty products is Catrice Camouflage cream anti-shadow. I have used this every day since purchased and it really hepled me with my under eye circles. Though it's got a nice creamy texture and covers well, it's bit light for me at the moment so I needed to go over with something a bit darker to make it match my foundation and neckline/arms. Otherwise it performed really well, didn't crease and get patchy. Don't need much to cover my under eye area but then again if  I spread it out too far, I need to go in again and add some more. Can be applied with fingers or brush, also with a sponge, but I noticed I tend to wipe too much of the product away and need to layer on more with fingers.

Another newbie that I loved in the past month - Makeup Revolution BB Fortune Favours The Brave eyeshadow palette! I have been wanting to try this one out from the moment I was her online! It just looked so sophisticated and pretty and the whole design seemed so lovely to me. The shade selection is superb, easy to create day time looks, colourful looks or night time/party looks. Also the marble shades are a total win! They do dust and have a bit of a fall out, but not all shades do, so it's a bit a hit and miss with these. Mostly they all have a lovely pigmentation, but some tend to be a bit harder to apply and need to be layered more. I applied these only with a dry brush so far, will see how well they work applied with a damp brush, this is something I still need to try out. The golden shades, copper shades and purples from the palette are a total win for me!

And the last bunch I have included into my July Favourites - lippies and a nail polish! I have chosen three lip products, even though I have used a lot more! These three were simply the most used and it's interesting to me that in summer time, when I could go bolder and use stronger shades I tend to stick to more natural nudes and pinks. The three I have chosen are Catrice  Supreme Fusion lipstick 030 Robin Rosewood, KIKO Makeup Milano Wonderlust LE Mirage Lip stylo 01 and MAC  Lustre lipstick Patisserie. All three are light shades, very wearable and can be easily matched with a lot of looks. Also loved to use these on their own, with no other makeup at all. Robin Rosewood and Patisserie also iclude some small shimmer, but the Kiko lipstick is pure rose shade. All of these have a lovely creamy texture, they are easy to apply and wear, very lightweight. Also can be applied without any lip liner, though I loved the combo of KIKO lipliner 712 Rose Mauve and Patisserie together. I don't know why I haven't included the lip liner in this post as well, as I have used it a lot! For nail polish I just had to choose ESSIE Lapiz of Luxury nail lacquer. It's one of my all time favourite shades, I wear it in every season and it seems to really cheer me up. Also love the name!

Swatches L to R: Catrice, MAC, KIKO.
Do you like any of these products? Have you tried any of these? I must say it was really hard for me to choose my favourites this month as I have tried so mayn goodies and wore so much more, but when it came down to absolute favourites of the month - these were it!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Uuu, batiste suh šampon. Meni je kul, ampak nisem lih še vešča spravljanja ven ostankov šampona. Ne bi lih razčesevala las zaradi kodrov, z brisačo pa je tko-tko. :P

    1. Uf, tole si mi dala dobro idejo, da moram drugič pripisat da je super za tiste, ko imamo ravne lase, za kodre pa je verjetno ful težje. Zato je meni bolj všeč uni za rjave lase, ma mal barve v sebi in ni nič bel na laseh, ga res minimalno rabim razčesat :)


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