Thursday, August 11, 2016

NEW IN July :)

Hello again! How's your summer going? Mine has been very active and as you can see I a bit late with my usual NEW IN blog post. Finally I got to be at home for  a bit to take photos of the latest new in products! So here are my newbies I have been testing and enjoying in the previous month!

From Avon I have received a very lovely surprise package - I got AVON Naturals Body care Escape Coconut & Starfruit shower gel*, AVON Advance Techniques Sun-light spray* and AVON Nailwear pro+ Minty*. I have already been using the amazing shower gel - smells divine and I also bought the body spray with the same scent. Love the coconut scented products, feels super summer-ish. I was happy to see they sent me something to treat my hair as well, it was the only sun protection product that I didn't had yet! It's super light and smells nice! I used it a lot while going to the river banks, just to make sure my hair were still well nourished and protected. Also love the Minty nail polish, the shade is just as the name suggests - minty! Super summery, needs two coats to get it even but looks really good, especially on a little bit tanned hands :P Thank you Avon Slovenija!

From Lič I have received a very lovely surprise! I have been loving and already used up the Batiste Dry shampoo Cherry*. Slovenian readers can get with code BATISTE15  15% off the Batiste dry shampoos that are not on discount already, the code is valid only in Lič store. :) It smells really nice and works just as well as any other Batiste dry shampoo I have tried so far. If you read my empties blog posts than you already know these dry shampoos are my favourite! I have not tried the 7th Heaven  Charcoal Masque for combination & oily skin* face mask yet, but I hope to do so very soon, it's perfect for my oily, acne prone skin. I was actually checking it out at my local Spar store a couple of days before I received this one!

Even though I have received a bunch of sun block products and summer-ish products without spf, I wanted to get something new that I knew really worked for my body, so I opted for my usual Sun Dance SPF 50 transparent body spray. So this is actually a repurchase and I must say I really like this one, though it does feel a bit greasy as I spray this on in really fat layers. Also for face, I bought arnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF 50. Again I opted for the cream with high SPF and also is suitable for sensitive skin. I have received a couple of facial creams, but they had only SPF 30. I still tested and used them, but for those days when it was super hot and I was staying out in the sun for longer I opted for the Garnier one. It's a bit greasy, but works and protects my face really well. It's not suitable as a base for make up, as it's just too oily and than moves under the foundation.

The two life savers of the month - Fruit of the Earth Aloe Very 100% Gel and Sudocrem protective cream. First one is one of my all time favourites, I use Aloe Vera on daily basis but I never really mention it on my blog. It's just a little something that comes extra handy during summer months. It helped me heal my bruises, acne on my thighs, aftershaving bumps and redness. It also helped me hydrate my skin and calm it down. The second, Sudocrem is a true miracle worker. I went for my first bikini waxing ever and my skin didn't react very well. It depends from person to person how well your skin will react and how soon will it calm down. This cream helped so much! I was red all over, not one square cm was free of irritation. This cream is actually meant more for babies and to help with baby rashes but this helped me really well! It took about 4 days to get my skin into a bit more presentable state and I used this cream like 5 times a day, but I did it! More about my first bikini waxing experience soon on my Facebook or maybe on my blog, will see. 

Not done with skincare products yet! I have two more to show you, I bought Kozmetika Afrodita After depilation gel and  Green Line Clear Active micellar cleansing water. I bought the after depilation gel along with Sudocrem, but as that one worked so well, I haven't tested the gel yet as much. It's got light texture and is very gentle to the skin. Feels very light as well and has a nice fresh scent to it, but nothing too strong. I had this product some time ago, but with older, different packaging. I liked it then so I am sure this one is quite similar. I don't know if there are any differences in the ingredients. The Green Line products have gotten a make over and have a new look. I spotted the micellar water at Ilirija store and thought why not give this a go. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do, I will let you know if I liked it. I have read some great comments about it, so I expecting it to be good.

Into make up part of the blog post! Let's start with a new set of brushes I ordered from AliExpress. Of course these are not  brushes from a specific brand, but they seemed interesting and I really wanted to see if it's any easier to apply makeup with these, especially the base. I used the larger two brushes the most and I like them! They may seem harsh but are really soft, the bristles are super dense and don't move much. I also noticed this doesn't pick up too much product if you apply it slowly and layer it up well. I feel like the sponge by Ebelin and other brands eat up a lot more product than this brush. So far so good! They are also easy to wash out, but don't wait too long. I think it's best to wash them every day or every second day, so you prevent excess foundation to stick between the bristles for too long and spreading bacterias.

I have also tried the new Ebelin sponge. I love that it's soo bouncy and so far it impressed me. I think it's even better than the purple one, shaped like a tear. The price is also very reasonable and affordable, especially as we should really stop using these after about two to three months. As for makeup - two of my favourite products were Catrice Sound Of Silence LE Fluid Glow C01 Golden Spirit and L'Oreal Glam Bronze La Terra healthy glow radiant complexion powder for face and body 02 Medium Speranza. The Fluid Glow is simply amazing! I used this all over my body! On my face, hands, neck and even on my legs. This gives such a beautiful glow and looks so natural on lightly tanned summer skin. It also mixed well with other creams and foundations. Love, love, love this one! To save some space and  to ease up my packing problems I opted for an all in one palette by L'Oreal. I used the combo for blush and for bronzing, easy to use, small and light, suitable for travel and the shades fitted me well! Lasting power is good, but nothing out of the ordinary, the pigmentation is also good, but again, nothing special. I think this is actually a very suitable product for beginner as well, as you need like 3 heavy strokes to get this full and heavy, so little space for making any makeup mistakes.

So, I also fell in love this month! And her name is Makeup Revolution BB Fortune Favours The Brave eyeshadow palette. I also think she loves me back as well! :P  I used this a lot during my festival holidays and I loved it! The pigmentation is great, but there is some fall out. Some shades are a bit more dusty, but the effect of these marble shades is just wow! They look super cute on the eyes, are easy to blend and the shade selection is jaw-dropping! 

Along with the Fortune Favours The Brave I also ordered Salted caramel by I Heart Makeup. I just couldn't resist anymore! I loved this one from the moment I first saw it and I took her with me to my second part of holidays, I wore it every day while in Budapest and it did not dissapoint at all! Shades have good pigmentation, the selection is lovely and can be used as a daily palette and also for night time looks. I am really pleased with myself for finally giving in and purchasing both of these!

Oh, if you think I stopped there - think again! I bought two more palettes previous month. I finally got the Sleek Del Mar Vol.II Limited edition eyeshadow palette, which was actually out as a limited edition last summer, but I finally had a chance to buy it. The second is L'Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude 02 Beige eyeshadow palette. Sleek one taunted me with the colour selection for so long I just finally gave up and bought it, plus the L'Oreal one was on my wishlist for some time now. I have read so many great comments for the L'Oreal one that when the opportunity presented itself I just had to have these two. I bought both of these second hand, but I got them barely used, well the Sleek one was actually never used. I am in eyeshadow heaven every time I even think of these four palettes. Great purchases make me feel super happy! I know it sounds very shallow and materialistic - but when you desire something for a long time and then finally splurge - it just feels great!

Catrice already changed their regular stands and already offer the new products. I have picked up a couple of them - CATRICE Camouflage cream anti-shadow,  CATRICE Ultimate Colour lipstick 480 Red Said Black, CATRICE  Matt lip artist 010 Bare Nude's Soul and CATRICE Glam&Doll Super Black Liner 010 Super Black. I have tried out all of these. I love the anti-shadow concealer, really helps me with my dark circles. It's creamy and thick and I use it as a base and than go over with Bourjois City Radiance concealer to add some more light.  The Red Said Black lipstick is perfect for fall, really dark and vampy on lips, shiny finish. The Matt lip artist is one of my favourites as well, but needs really well prepped lips, as it can stick to my dry areas a bit too much. The shade though is very pretty! Doesn't dry out my lips any firther which I also like! The liner has a nice tip and can be applied in very precise line. Exactly what I wanted. Looks super black if I just use liner, over the eyeshadows it doesn't look as black as I would like, so I help it up a bit with lining my eyes with kohl and than going over with the liner. On the swatch it looks very uneven, but on the lids it stays in a fine line, no bleeding. Mostly I am impressed by these products and am happy with my purchase. 

L to R - Matt lip artist, Red Said Black, liner, anti-shadow concealer.

I finally visited Golden Rose again and treated myself with a couple of goodies! I bought - GOLDEN ROSE Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick Kissproof in shade 05 and 03, GOLDEN ROSE Dream Lips lipliner  in shade 524, GOLDEN ROSE Velvet Matte lipstick in shade 12 and GOLDEN ROSE Perfect Lashes  eyeliner in black. I bought another shade of the Velvet Matte lipsticks - I got it in shade 12 which I was drooling over at Mateja's blog, such a lovely shade. Than I had to try out the new liquid matte lipsticks and I must say I love these, especially the darker shade and I got so many compliments on that one! Love it, texture and pigmentation are great! For this shade I also took a matching lip liner, just in case it would bleed, but the lipliner is lovely on it's own. Also got into liners lately and bought another one, with the thinnest tip they offered at Golden Rose. Later I read some mixed reviews about this one, not many like this one, but I will give it a go anyway. I honestly hadn't had a chance to try it out yet. All in all, the lippies rule this purchase and I love them!

From L to R: lip liner,  Velvet Matte 12, Liquid Matte 05 and 03, bottom - eye liner.

Last two lovely bits of the month come in fresh summer shades! I treated myself with another lip balm, I don't actually need, but it's mint! How could I resist? Balea Lovely mint lip balm has a nice texture, norusihes surprisingly well and has a lovely mint scent. Plus it's super cheap and I enjoy using it very much. The last item is a lovely bracelet by Oriflame*. I have already posted about this one, you can check out the post here!

So this is it folks! All my lovely new bits and loves! If you like any of these let me know, if you want to read a full review - comment below! Stay tuned as next week I celebrate my 4th year blogging, so don't forget to follow me - buttons on the side! Yeey!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me to try out.


  1. Same luštne pridobitve. In sem ful vesela, da ti je sudokrem pomagala!

    1. Hvala! Ja res mi je pomagala, najlepša ti hvala za ta predlog, me je rešilo! :P :D

  2. Vau, všečkam vse palete :D. Komaj čakam ocene in swatche. Sploh Makeup Revolution me zanima. :) Kakšne so Golden Rose šminke? Betonirajo na ustnicah? Nekje sem prebrala, da malo izsušujejo ustnice.
    Catrice Glow je en najboljših izdelkov iz njihovih LE in Ebelin gobico obožujem. Veliko mehkejša od drugih enobarvnih verzij, samo imam občutek, da bo prej razpadla.

    1. Hehe, hvala! Bom poskusila jih zvrstit med objave čim prej! GR šminke so mi fajn, ampak ja, malo izsušujejo. Ful hitro se posušijo in imaš malo časa za popravke, ampak vsaj ne čakaš 20 minut da postanejo res mat.
      Gobica se tudi meni zdi super mehka in tudi super hitro razpadajoča - jaz sem jo prvi dan zacefrala ko sem jo stisnila z nohtom. Ampak ok, za to ceno in efekt ne bom težila :P


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