Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oriflame - Memories chasing butterflies EdT

Hello! Summer is slowly coming to an end and I feel like the name of this  Oriflame eau de toilette, Memories chasing butterflies, is just perfect for these last warn moments. I love fresh and light summer scents and funny enough, I like to wear them also in fall/winter time, when everyone else reaches for warmer, spiced fragrances. Oriflame has presented a brand new fragrance for summer 2016 and I am actually getting to know this one in mid-August, but I think it's never too late for a bit of light, summer-ish scents!

Packaging of this EdT is very pretty! The glass bottle is shaped  round and low and has a bit elongated spray dispenser. The greenish cap and bottle give it a very fresh, summer vibe. The cardboard box has a very lovely butterflies  and meadow design, making it look  like this would be suitable best for young women. The bottle design resembles a disco ball at first glance, but up closer it looks very elegant. The packaging contains 30 ml of product.

The price of the EdT is currently 6,99 euros, regular price is 12,90 euros. The current catalog is valid till  22nd August.

The scent is a mix of flowers and is light and feminine at the same time. Personally I find the combo very elegant and perfect for summer nights out. It smells refreshing and flowery, a bit on the sweet side, I can sense some vanilla base. It includes the scent of lily of the valley, blackcurrant scent, lime blossoms and ambrette seeds.  The scent is very harmonic and balanced. It's fresh, intense but not too overpowering. The scent really captures the essence of holidays and the summer moments we will remember for ever. 

As the scent is very feminine, but not too elegant, I find it perfect for every day wear, as it's light enough and airy, feels like a perfect match for a light, flowy summer dress. Like for example going out for an afternoon coffee.  I also find this eau de toilette to really brighten up my mood and cheer me up. It's fresh, floral but very specific - as lily of the valley has a very special and very lovely scent to it!

The lasting power however is not as good as with other Oriflame fragrances I have tried, but I don't mind reapplying this a couple of times. The scent is the same on my skin for the first hour, than it gets more gentle and I can sense more of the ambrette seeds and vanilla. I sometimes feel like I can smell ripe pears as well. 

Personally I find this fragrance a perfect summer companion that will make me remember the hot days, summer rains, holidays, freedom and romance at the same time. As I need to reapply it a lot more than other fragrances, I like that it's small, only 30 ml and can fit in my handbag! 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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