Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Essence - Liquid lipstick in 06 Make a statement

Hello! Just a quick stop before I go all Christmas-y and such... Every brand seems to be offering liquid lipsticks lately  and Essence released five shades this Autumn. These promise to be a 2 in 1, give you the coverage of a lipstick and a shine of a lip gloss. The packaging reminds me a lot of Dior Fluid Stick, with a  lipstick bullet shape within the centre. This Essence Make A Statement liquid lipstick has waited for so long to be talked about! Really, I tried to post about it sooner but oh well, here we are! Have you already tried these lipsticks?

Packaging, price - The packaging is clear plastic, sturdy and won't break even if it falls. This is actually very good for me, I tend to drop stuff on a regular basis. It contains  4 ml of product and once opened lasts for another 18 months. The applicator is classic, doe-foot, it's maybe a bit more narrow than usually, but that just helps you get a more precise application. Price is about three euros, I think.

Texture, application, scent, longevity -  This has a nice formula, it's not sticky, but it is a bit heavy on my lips. It doesn't crease or stick to my dry patches which I like a lot! Application is easy, applies more like a gloss and is very opaque, one layer of this could be enough. It's got a slight scent, sweet one and also tastes a bit sweet. Doesn't bother me thou. It's not  a long lasting product and on me this lasted for about an hour or maybe two, but it doesn't survive eating or drinking. However it wore off evenly,  faded well and didn't leave any patches or such. If you don't mind reapplying this regularly, than you should give it a go!

Shade, pigmentation, finish - The shade variety is actually pretty limited, so I chose the darkest shade as this one was the only one I really liked, it's called 06 Make A Statement. It's a red(ish) - brown  shade. I find the shade perfect for warmer skin tones. Pigmentation is really good, I am impressed that I only need one layer to get the full shade and even at that! The finish is glossy, shiny. Some may describe these as more of a pigmented lip gloss than a liquid lipstick and I would agree with them. The shade does leave a stain on your lips after wear, so even when you eat and such and it wears off, you still have a bit of shade on you. The swatches are a bit lighter than the actual shade, but still I must say the shade on me looks this light and not at all the dark berry redish brown shade it looks in the packaging. Anyway, it's the darkest shade available from the bunch.

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Love, UniqaPoly


  1. I tried this ones and I really liked it. I think I will buy it soon ;) I totally agree with your review.

    1. Thanks! I like this shade best, so for now I will not purchase new ones, I hope they expand the range!

  2. Meni je tudi tale zadevica ful všeč. Pa včasih kar pozabim, da ga imam.. gre kar iskat :D.
    BTW, mi je všeč tvoja zimska tema!

    1. Jaz sem tudi že vmes malce pozabila na tole pol pa vidim, da sem že slikala pa vse in da je skrajni čas da objavim :P Hvala, me veseli! ;)


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