Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Catrice - Velvet Matt eyeshadows

Hello! Two eyeshadows I have not posted about yet, but I had them for ages - Catrice Velvet  Matt eyeshadow! These are available for about a year or so and I have seen many posts about them, but I never had time to talk about these as well. So December is kinda best for talking about things that could be perfect gifts as well! What's special about these is that they are matte and finding decent matte shades for a reasonable price can be quite a task. If you are looking for something soft, buttery, with decent pigmentation and without a trace of shimmer - read on!

Packaging, price - These come in a plastic transparent packaging, they close well and they seem strong and sturdy. Still as I am clumsy things to fall out of my hands regularly and these shades don't take it well if they crash on the floor - one of the shades,  Al Burgundy, I had to repurchase because it was all over my bathroom floor. They contain 3,5 grams of product and have 12 month of shelf life, even though I keep and use them longer. Price is reasonable and stays in the Catrice price point range at 4,29 euros per shade. 

Texture, application - The following applies to all three shades - they are very smooth, silky and easy to use. I love the feel of these shades under my fingers! I like to apply them with my eyeshadow brushes as well as with my fingers. They blend very well, I had no troubles so far. They work well with different eyeshadow primers, I have tried Catrice one, Avon one and also Urban Decay and these work  well with all three bases. They are matte, no hint or trace of shimmer, There is also very little fall out and I like that a lot! Just be careful not to carry too much on your brush, especially with darker shades as you might end up creating panda eyes. The finish is actually quite velvety!

Shade, pigmentation - From the six available shades I have two -  010 Vanillaty Fair and 040 Al Burgundy. Vanillaty Fair is just so ohh! <3 I love this shade and it's probably one of the most used mono eyeshadows I have ever used, alongside KIKO, Maybelline Color Tattoos and Bourjois cream eyeshadows. It's everything I could ask for from a cream matte eyeshadow - it's perfect to just wear it on it's own, my fave combo is a quick and easy look with this shade all over my lids, black eyeliner and black mascara. I alos use it a lot for my inner corners, for my brow bone, it could even serve as a highlight. The second shade Al Burgundy is a more tricky one! Though it's a gorgeous shade, my first impression was very negative - all I could get out of it was some grey shade and all the purple pigment clustered in one spot and didn't budge from there... I don't know if it was the base, the amount of shade or anything else, but man I was dissapointed. That one fell on my bathroom floor and is long gone. The next one is a totally different story! It's perfect in every sense - the pigmentation is amazing, it's very soft and buttery, applies easy and with no problems plus it's a completely matte burgundy colour! Perfect to match my brown eyes! All in all, I am very satisfied with both of these and would love to buy new shades, but the ones available at the moment don't really appeal to me. Hope they will expand the collection! 

Hope this post was helpful to you! Have you tried these? Do you like them? I think these are perfect for a Christmas gift, perfect for a stocking stuffing! If you liked this post, it would mean a world to me if you also shared it on your social media profiles!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. Tvoje so še cele?!
    Meni je bela šla na dva dela, takoj ko smo jih dobili, ta bordo pa.. mi je padla na tla, se mi zdi. Sem jo komaj rešila in res je nadnaravno čudovita. :D

    1. Jaa, a ni fajn! Uno prvo, ki sem jo imela Al Burgundy se mi je tudi krušila in z njo je blo res vse narobe, tale zdaj je pa super! Se strinjam, čista lepotica!

  2. Tvoji se pa dobro držita :D
    Moja bela je počila ampak se še drži. Burgundy pa nima več kupčka ker se je skos drobila :( ampak hvala bogu je zdaj ravna površina pa se da uporabljat :D

    1. Hehe, hvala :P Ja se spomnim kak ste vse govorile, da se vam ful drobijo, meni se je samo ta vijolična, ampak zdaj mam že drugo, ker una prva je bla res mal mimo, ni mi bla usojena :P


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