Thursday, September 24, 2015

Currently loving - L'Occitane - Jasmin & Bergamote :)

Hello! I have been loving some fresh scents lately and this post was kinda supposed to be up in summer, but there was just so much going on! I have received this lovely trio of fresh goods by L'Occitane from my boyfriend last December - I know, I have been saving it for a long time! I did use it up bit by bit, and now only the soap is left to use up. I have left it among my lingerie as it gave off such a lovely scent that everything I wore smelled fresh of Jasmin & Bergamote

I have tested and loved the Body milk/Lait Parfume as it's just simply smelling so divine! It's definitely not hydrating enough for me, I wish it was a bit more, but during summer months I loved to use this as it has light formulation that sinks in well and gives some hydration. I mostly used it before going to bed and it felt very relaxing. There was no sticky feeling on my legs, it really sinks in fast, it smells great, as well as my bed and my room. The texture seems to me more of a lotion than milk, but it didn't bother me at all. Too bad I only had the small version of this product, the 50 ml.. I wish I could repurchase, but I have so many open stuff yet to use!

The second product I still have and am currently using is this lovely Perfumed soap/Savon Parfume. It's a large dose of awesome scent, a 125g soap that gently washes the skin leaving it delicately fragranced. The scent is again, very strong and very fresh, the combination of Jasmin and Bergamote is amazing! I really like this soap, as it's gentle and doesn't give that dry feeling to the skin as many other soap bars do. As mentioned before I kept this soap for a long time mixed with my lingerie and it kept it fresh and scented for a longer time. If nothing else I will be repurchasing this soap. Though I would love to have the perfume version from this collection, I just can't get enough of it!

Third product I have been lucky enough to pamper with was Shower gel/Douche Parfume. This one has been empty for some time now, you can check it out in my latest empties post. I loved this shower gel as it gave scent not only to my skin but the whole bathroom and it was a real pampering experience to use this when tired and after a really long day. I loved the feel of the product on the skin, as it's more of a gel than a classical shower product, it's a bit more like a jelly and foams well when mixed with water. It was gentle to the skin, and the combination of fresh and floral is simply too good to pass - I need to repurchase this too! It did not dry out my skin and it didn't nourish it much either, so if you have really dry skin, this may not be good for you, but for those with a normal to mixed skin all over body this will suit just fine. It feels light on the skin and doesn't leave any traces on the skin once washed off, just a lovely scent that lingers for hours after use. If you like products that leave some scent on your skin, this may be perfect for you to try!

Have you tried any of these? If you haven't go smell them in person and let me know what you think, maybe ask for some samples? I am really in love with the scent and I think I might purchase the perfume for next spring/summer season! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Težka bo, da rečem da mi ne diši, ker mi:) in sej kaj pa meni od Loccitane sploh smrdi..NIČ:)

    1. hehe, ja res kombinacija je odlična, pa sama nikoli nisem bila velika ljubiteljica jasmina, ampak tukaj v teh izdelkih pa je vonj res odličen! :)


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