Saturday, March 28, 2015

NEW in March :)

Hello! New month and new newbies.. :) I really tried to keep it low, but then there were these discounts and it would really be a shame to miss them.. so well, I ended up with a couple of unplaned products, but more or less nothing I wouldn't want to use or don't really like. As I have fewer products as previous months I started up with a list :)

- Kozmetika Afrodita Green tea and Coconut milk shower gel
- Nivea Invisible  anti-perspirant for black and white clothes, anti- yellow staining
- Kozmetika Afrodita Naravno olje Mandelj make-up remover
- Weleda  Lavender body oil
- Natura Siberica  Cleansing tonic for oily and combination skin
- Kozmetika Afrodita Hand & Nail care Olive
- Le Petit Marseillais ! minute hair mask for coloured hair
- Oriflame Sweden The ONE Double Effect mascara Intense Black
- Essence Big bright eyes 01 highlight it .. nude
- Catrice Kohl Kajal in shades 200 You're my rosen one! and 140 Chocwaves
- Essence Eye blender brush
- Ebelin Pinselreiniger cleanser for makeup brushes
- Deborah Smalto Efetto Gel in shade 19
- Catrice Quick dry& High Shine top coat
- Alverde Intensiv lippen-balsam Granatapfel Karitebutter
- Balea Lippen Balsam Outdoor Protect mit Nordic Lingonberry
- L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H foundation 130 Beige Peau/True Beige
- Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid salicylic acid for all skin types
- Catrice Nude Purism LE Gentle lip care c03 Delicate rosewood
- L'Oreal Caresse 501 Bonnie
- Essence XXXL Nude lipgloss 06 Soft Almond
- Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm 105 Demure Reservee
- Oriflame Sweden The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte lipstick Berry Crush
- AVON Ultra beauty lip stylo Rose Creme
- Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shades  Peach Club and Frambourjoise

DM store currently offers two shower gels by Kozmetika Afrodita for the price of one I think, these two were 1,99 euros. I already started using the Green tea one as my hand wash soap and the Coconut milk one was actually a repurchase, as I really liked it the first time I have received it from the brand. You can check out my review here :) I also needed a new roll-on deodorant and I wanted to try out this one by NIVEA Invisible in hopes it really doesn't leave any white or yellow marks on my clothes. So far so good, also not scented too strongly, which I really like :) Also got at DM store, I think they still offer 30% off.

I have never had anything from the brand Natura Siberica and I was checking out the products available at DM store and those serums, face creams and such really didn't appeal to me, as I have quite a stash of stuff yet to test (and am currently testing) from last month. So I opted for a toner that I know will be used very soon as I go through these really fast. I got myself a Cleansing tonic for oily and mixed skin type and we will see how it will work for me later. I used a coupon from previous DM coupon book and the same goes for my new hand cream Hand & Nail care Olive by Kozmetika Afrodita. I wanted one that really absorbs quickly and this one delivers. It smells nice, it works and it doesn leave my hands all greasy. Perfect to carry around with me when I'm not home all day. Also I got a new hair mask by Le Petit Marseillais  for coloured hair as I have changed my hair a bit and added a touch of colour, a bit more light than usual. I wanted to make sure that my new colour is vibrant and fresh for as long as possible. For this product I also used a coupon at DM store. So all together I didn't spend that much, but still...

Next bunch is eye makeup and I have received a new Oriflame mascara to test and review, it's theirs The ONE Double effect mascara Intense Black and it's got actually two different brushes, one giving your lashes volume and one lenght. I have seen and used a similar concept years ago, back in high school. This mascara delivers but needs a bit more patience and work to really make my lashes more visible. Plus I bought two new Kohl Kajals in shades 140 Chocwaves and 200 You're my rosen one! by Catrice, as I am getting rid of some old makeup and I wanted to replace it with something drugstore but good. I used up my 30% off make up at DM store and I got these two in classic colour, deep brown and pearly nude for my inner waterline. I also bought Essence big bright eyes in nude shade, mostly because I have seen some great comments about it and well, it looked promising and it was a cheap treat. The comment that mostly persuaded me was by a fellow blogger Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog :)

I also bought at Muller, same as the Big bright eyes pen, a new eye blender brush, aslo by Essence. I was really annoyed with constantly having to wash just the one I have, also by Essence, that I decided to try another one. It has a really lovely design! A friend ( go check her FB profile - Makeup@ (Make-up Afna)) also brought me this brush cleanser by Ebelin from Austria ( we don't have it in Slovenia yet, but I've seen Croatian hauls and they already have it in stores). The price is 3.95 euros and I find that quite a normal price. I just ran out of my baby wash that I used to use to wash my brushes so this arrived precisely when needed. 

For nails I have only two newbies. Also both bought at DM store, I needed to use up my 30 % dicount coupon well. I got another Deborah Gel smalto nail polish, I really like these and this shade 19 is really springlike. Also I currently don't have or use any top coat so I thought I would try this one by Catrice, called Quick dry & Hugh shine. So far I have used it once and it's good. More proper testing is yet to come..

For face as skin care and makeup I have two newbies. I bought a new liquid foundation, by L'Oreal Paris. It's their Infallible foundation and it's pretty good, but I will have to test some more. I also used a 50% off coupon for it at DM store, as otherwise I think the price is a bit too high, about 16 - 17 euros for a drugstore foundation. From Paula's Choice I am currently testing Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid and it seems to be ok, but the effects are not yet visible. Also I couldn't stay away from lip balms. I have a new one by Alverde, used my 50% off coupon and it's a pretty good balm only has a funny light blue/greyish colour. The other one I got was Balea Outdoor protect I actually like more than the Alverde one, blends and absorbes easier.

My most wanted and most adored part of the month are my new lippies! The first one is by Catrice and it's from their LE Nude Purism. I got the darkest shade, the pink-ish one called C03 Delicate rosewood. It's a very moisturizing lip cream, very sheer and wearable for every day. I got lucky when using up the 30% discount at DM that they already had this LE in store. Than next one is by L'Oreal Paris, from their Caresse collection, actually a sheer liwuid lipstick in shade Bonnie, a bit more orangey and very vibrant. This is my third lippie from this collection, I think now I have all the shades I wanted :) Than next one is by Revlon, it's theirs Colourburst Lacquer balm in shade Demure, a very day like, wearable shade for office work or college... This was actually a gift, but otherwise prices are about 11 euros I think..Than I also used my 30 % discount to get a new lip gloss by Essence in shade Soft Almond, a very nice nude shade, with no shimmer parts just a hint of gentle colour. I have been wearing this one a lot actually. I have also received one to test and review, it's by Oriflame and it's theirs The ONE Colour Unlimited matte lipstick in shade Berry crush and it's an amazing berry shade, really been loving this one, so very suitable for spring! Also the finish is really matt and doesn't dry out. So far it's really promising! Than another treat of mine, by Avon. It's their new lip stylo lipstick in shade Rose creme. A strong, bright rose red with a bit shiny finish, but very wearable. I kinda hoped the shade would be a bit more similar to the one in catalog, also there were no swatches online at the time... but well, it's still a pretty strong shade and at the same time wearable. The last two really need no introduction, but  I really wanted to buy Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade Frambourjoise and a fellow blogger Ina from Hysteria of decay blog was so kind to buy it for me at Tuš drogerija with a special discount  :) Next to it and last shade is Peach club and it was actually a gift. Well, now I have all the shades I wanted :)

From L to R: Catrice Delicate rosewood, L'oreal Caresse Bonnie, Revlon Lacquer balm Demure, Essence lip gloss Soft Almond
From L to R: Oriflame The ONE Berry Crush, Avon Rose creme, Bourjois Frambourjoise and Peach club

So this is it, all my new products from March :) Have you had any of these, how did they work for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. V novomeškem DM-u pa še ni Nude Purism kolekcije :/ Jaz sem pa cel mesec šparala tisti 30% popust, ker sem čakala na to Rosewood šminko, katero sem našla samo še tester v Müllerju, potem je pa nikjer ni. Ampak sem vseeno uspešno porabila popust :D Upam, da ti bo svinčnik od Essence všeč :)

    1. Škoda, upam da jo boš kje ujela, če želiš lahko jaz zate pogledam, samo nimam pa več bona za 30%..Boš poročala na blogu kaj si si kaj privoščila z bonom? :) Zaenkrat mi je svinčnik fajn :)


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