Monday, March 2, 2015

Disappointing products #5: Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse makeup

Hello! It's a new month, a new beginning and time to talk about some more products that dissapointed me. And this time it's by Revlon and it's theirs Photoready Airbursh mousse foundation in shade 020 Shell Coquillage.

The packaging is simple tin bottle with plasti cap and you get 39.7 g of the product. You must be careful not to store this anywhere near a heater or any type of hot surface. It's got eay to use pump, that transforms the liquid foundation into a mousse. The only problem I had wth the packaging was that the pump dispenses too much product no matter how I tried to press gently and just get a little of it.

Once you get the product out you will see it like a little bubbly something, It's a vrey light, airy and bubbly mousse. After about half a minue, after you start working with the product, the bubbles become really small and barely visible and the foundation looks more watery. 

To apply I mostly used my fingers as I felt the brush crushed the foundation too much and the mousse effect dissapeared before I even started working the product onto my skin. I prefer more creamy textures, more like Revlon Colorstay or Nearly naked, but this feels really more like a coloured water. Which would be fine, if I wanted a foundation that would give low or very light coverage and unification of my skin colour. 

After application, not even 30 minutes after this foundation would start seeping into my pores and any other skin problems and I would look terrible, it tends to highlight everything wrong with my skin. 

Plus for those of you who don't like shimmery foundations - this one tends to get shiny and expose the little shimmery parts as is usual with all their Photoready products. 

So basically, waht went wrong with this one? Coverage is not good enough for me, after blending this is very light and actually very sheer on my skin. Texture looks really good, but only before you start blending the product. Than it's really runny and well, doesn't do much for me and tends to emphasize everything I want to hide. Staying power was also very bad, maybe an hour or an hour and a half and this would just melt off and my face would like I have nothing on. Well, I do have nothing on by then. It does have a slight fragrance, but nothing that would irritate me, so that was ok.. The colour was otherwise a match for me but what good is that if the product doesn't really work for you...

I would not recommend this to anyone who needs a bit more coverage and a good staying power, to anyone used to regular thick liquid foundations or mousse creams in a pot. I would also not recommend this to anyone with oily skin as I think this is the reason that it melted so fast off of my face...  If for anyone this would be recommended maybe to those with really flawless baby skins and that really just want something light to unify their skin tone. Plus this is a quite expensive foundation, I got mine at Click2chic, with some discount, but regular price is about 19 euros, or at the moment lowered to 11,39 euros. Way too much for a product that doesn't deliver. Don't get me wrong, I still love Revlon and I think this will forever be one of my favourite makeup brands but this product simply didn't work for me.

Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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