Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: Avon - Ultra Colour Indulgence lipstick - Honey Flower

Hello! Time to talk about the new range of Avon lipsticks called Ultra Colour Indulgence. I have bought a light shade named Honey Flower, but there are 20 different shades and everyone can get something that would fit them. 
These lipsticks promise to have a new unique gel formula, they promise to give good moisture to your lips and also colour them in juicy, shiny shades. Plus is also that these have SPF 15!

Packaging - Simple black box with information written all over and inside a slim  black case and a bit taller than usual lipsticks. Plastic packaging and with the classic silver band with the brand name on. Light and easy to use packaging, as with most lipsticks. Thou maybe a bit cheap looking, but I don't mind that at all. You get 3g of product inside, regular price is 8,50 euros in Slovenia, but currently these are 5,70 euros.

Shade: I was kinda in the mood for natural looking lips and I thought this one would be best. Honey Flower is a a kind of a peachy nude like lipstick (with a tiny hint of pink colour, depends on the light). I find it suitable for warm toned skin tones and  for neutral to yellow undertones.

Texture and pigmentation: This lipstick is really creamy, really smooth, with no shimmer added, just pure creamy opaque colour that really melts onto your lips. On me this lipstick didn't strike me as sheer at all ( as I have read in some reviews) but quite good and covering as I only need one swipe to get this into the desired colour. They are not drying at all, they actually act like some kind of a lip balm, which I like a lot. My lips lately haven't been that well. It's also not sticky!

Application and finish: Very smooth application, no mirror needed (especially with this nude-ish shade). If one swipe is not enough for you it can be layered and made into a really strong colour, but to me one swipe was enough. I guess with darker, reddish shades even I would want more coverage and try at leats two coats. This one can be used straight from the bullet and even without any lip liner as it's such a lovely natural and light shade, but you can still do the usual line and use a lip brush if you prefer. I didn't see the need to do all that, I just applied straight on. I have also noticed that your lips really need to be prepared for this lipstick as it tends to emphasize any dry patches on your lips, any creases. I once thought my lips were well preped and applied lipstick, not even half an hour later I noticed it looks unevenly and patchy and there was no way to fix it than wipe it all off and start again. The finish with this one is slightly glossy, but subdued.

Lasting power: On me this lasted for about two hours before I noticed the colour slipping away, it didn't survive eating or drinking and it tended to transfer on my water bottle. 

And swatches :) It wants to look more orange-y than it really is...

To sum up: I liked this one, but not half as much as I like some other lipsticks I have or for example half as much as I love the LUXE collection lipsticks, also by Avon. This one is good, I love the fact that it's not shimmery at all, that it's really just pure pigment, I like it's so smooth and buttery. But I still don't like that my lips tend to show any dry pacthes and that this doesn't really last long at all, on me 2 hours were max. I also don't like it transfers so easily and that when this happens I need to do touch ups immediately or it's very visible where the colour slipped away. All in all it's a good lipstick, but not very good one or great one. I would like to use the word average, but that would imply there's no point in even giving it a try and I don't really think they are that bad. If you don't have many problems with dry lips I believe these would be really good for you, but if you do than maybe avoid this shade as it's really just showing up every crease.

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Imam par Avonovih šmink, pa sem kr navdušena. Nimam pa še nobene iz te linije. ;)

    1. Jaz sem si zdaj nabrala ker že nekaj šmink od njih, verjetno nekje okoli 10 in sem načeloma z vsemi zelo zadovoljna, predvsem pa z LUXE kolekcijo. Iz te kolekcije mi je všeč še nekaj odtenkov, tako da morda če bodo kdaj res ful znižani še kakšnega vzamem... Kak drug, temnejši odtenek, ker me tale šminka ni najbolj prepričala...

  2. Meni so te šminke iz Avona res zakon :) sem si naročila par testerčkov, da se lažje odločim katero kupit.

    1. Avon ima nasplošno precej dobre šminke, tale me sicer ni najbolj prepričala, ampak je vseeno kar dobra, morda še kdaj kak odtenek vzamem :)

  3. Js sm ravno danes dobila Poppy pink in pa Spring lilac. Prvo sem mislila: o šit preveč žive barva! Ampak ful dobro izgledajo, nisem pričakovala da bodo tok pigmentirane, ful mi je všeč občutek na ustnicah, ker je res vlažilna šminka, pa tudi obstojnost ni slaba :D Edino prozoren lipliner moram uporabit ker s emi zdi da na robovih malo ''krvavi'' :D

    1. Sem videla na instagramu :) meni šminka ni povzročala težav po robovih, je pa res pigmentirana, spring lilac mi je zelo lep odtenek :)


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