Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review: Alverde Wildrose face oil

Hello! Some skincare time, let's talk about Alverde face oil Wildrose. I got this one as a gift and I've been using it for over a month, so I think I have tested it pretty well. 

Packaging is simple bottle, I think it's glass, not sure. At the top you have a plastic cap and pipette to apply the product, which is really handy and I really like it. You get 15 ml of the product, which is a very tiny amount but the price is very reasonable, about 3-4 euros at DM store. Usually face oils are packaged in 30 ml bottles, but this one is half smaller, making it easier to take on your travels.

The product has a destinct scent, a very strong one, so if you want your face oil to be scentless, this would not be a good choice for you. This one smells really exactly like rose oil, still pleasant, but maybe to some users too overpowering.


What it promises: This oils promises to be intensive care for dry skin. Oil of wild rose and jojoba oil prevent early aging and give the skin youthful look. Oil revitalises and restores tired skin and makes it look firm and glowy.

How to use: Take a couple of  drops and apply to cleansed and slightly wet skin, apply on your face, neck and decollete area, massage it gently until it has absorbed into the skin. Than apply your usual skin care routine. If your skin is really dry, we recommend that you use this oil every day.

Plus they also claim this product is of plant origin, certified natural cosmetics, no synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives or ingredients based on mineral oils. Priority is given to ingredients from certified organic agriculture. 

Application, texture: It's a very rich oil and needs to be really massaged into the skin, at least on me. But it's easy to apply and use, easy to work with, glides on the skin nicely and absorbs well, even thou my skin type is not dry skin but oily with impurities.

Effect: This winter this product really helped me,as I needed to give my skin some more care and some more moisture. It does help with dehydrated skin, which I didn't even know I had, but I actually noticed after I started using this oil, that it did made a difference. I liked mostly that it helped me heal my scars faster, especially the fresh ones I just made on my jaw area where I tend to scratch and squezze and well, make a mess out of my skin. So far so good, no complaint whatsoever over this product. A really good face oil for a reasonable price. The only problem might be when you want to use it in the morning and than apply water based makeup or if you really dislike rose scent. The scent actually reminds me more of a rosehip... and also the new L'Oreal Paris  Nutri Gold Extraordinary face oil has a similar scent, but less intensive...

Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz sem si ga tudi kupila včeraj, sem slišala same pohvale :) Upam, da bo meni tudi ustrezal, ker imam precej suho kožo

    1. Super, upam da ti bo kul, glede na to da nimam suhe kože je tudi na meni deloval precej dobro, lepo navlažil :) Je pa res mogoče bolj taka zimska zadevica kot za čez celo leto, vsaj zame...

  2. Ravnokar porabila enega, imela sem ga zelo dolgo kakšni dve leti, vendar ga uporablam samo pozimi. Res je super cena, in kvaliteta. Meni je lepo dodatno nahranil suho kožo na licih. Super post! xx S&R

    1. Ja se ne porabi tako hitro, kar mi je zelo fajn :) upam da bo tudi ohranil to ceno :P Hvala:)

  3. Meni je bil na začetku super, potem me je pa vonj začel zelo motit, olje se sploh ni hotelo vpiti v kožo, je kar sedelo na njej, pa še pipetka je odpadla :/ Sem upala, da mi bo všeč, ker je tako poceni, ampak se na žalost ni izšlo. Oh well :D

    1. Ojej, to pa je slaba izkušnja. Moj izdelek je zaenkrat še cel, ampak če bi mi pipetka odpadla bi bila zelo nezadovoljna, ker ga je tako lažje dozirat ko pa da ga zlivam na roko... zaenkrat se mi še lepo vpije v kožo, vendar je res hranilno, tako da bom verjetno pomladi prenehala z uporabo...


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