Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store accessories :)

Hello again! It's been quite a while since I last posted about some jewelry. I have received a couple of goodies from Born Pretty Store and I have worn these for the whole spring and summer! I decided to talk about these all in one post and show you what I loved to wear this years spring/summer season! 

For hair I have worn two pieces - a leaf hair clip and metal leaf hair band! I like that the leaves on both the clip and hair band are in the smae size, so it looks like they are a set, even though you can get them separately. In the months I have had these at home and worn them they have never shown any signs of discoloration, rusting or any other change. This is very important to me as I usually expect products like this to rust a bit, or change colour. They are both made from alloy. The leaf clip is available in another pattern with smaller leaves and the hair band in the same golden colour but with less leaves on the band, just three, so you get more attention to one side. The hair band says it's adjustable but in real life it's not that soft and personally I didn't need to adjust it. If you have really small head this may be a bit too big for you and you may have problems getting it to stick on your head properly. The leaf clip however does not need any adjusting and always looks gorgeous! Especially suits well those with brown-ish shades of hair. I love this duo as it looks very pretty and romantic. Suits a lot of styles and can be used throughout the year. It's autumn here and I see this as a perfect addition to the romantic fall looks, with the trees losing the leaves and colouring them in variety of shades.

I have rocked these hexagonal  star  studs earrings on many events in the past months as well as concerts and festivals. I got so many compliments on these that I simply can not express how satisfied I am with these and how much I love to wear them! Sure, they are shiny, and usually that's not really my thing, but with these what won me over was the shape! They are like studs on the top and close like that and then they end up with a beautiful star shape on the bottom! They look very classy and not cheap at all. Maybe the shade also helps with that, as they seem a bit darker and even a bit more gothic. They are available in total three shades, I chose black dia, as this one called to me the most. Even though they are longer than my usual earrings they are not heavy and are comfortable to wear. I am also impressed they have not changed colour, got green or anything like that considering the material they are made of, which is alloy and rhinestone. 

Along with those three products I wore this dandellion pendant necklace a lot! I would label this as a boho chic item and it felt so natural to add this to my daily looks in early summer. It's made from glass and alloy and it feels super light! It's the first such item I have ever had and it's really interesting to me they got dandellion seeds into it. The length of the chain is 42 cm and it suited me really well, it wasn't too short or too long. The glass ball is not too big so the pendant doesn't look awkward, but rather very natural. It makes me think of the first botanists, in their small laboratories with all the vintage equipment and saving every seed. This is the only product that did not react well with my skin and the shiny chain got a bit discoloured after a couple of wears. The small leaf at the top of the pendant turned red a bit on the edges. However, I still wear it until it will change colour too much and it won't look good anymore. With this pendant it's easy to simply change the chain if needed and even go for a more natural material, for example a rope or leather cord. I like that it looks very delicate and fresh!

You can get all four products at Born Pretty Store! Here are the links:
All the prices are super affordable, ranging from about 2 to 6 USD. A big bonus of this site is that they ship worldwide! You can also use my discount code for 10% off - POOT10!

Let me know if you like this kind of posts and if there is a particular content you would like to see on my blog more often!

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**Products were sent to me for review purposes.. My review of them is always honest and based on my own experiences with the products.

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