Friday, September 2, 2016

NEW IN August :)

Hello! And it's the last day of August 2016 ... It's hard to believe that summer is really coming at an end and my holidays are now just memories, nothing more. But being an makeup addict that I am, not even holidays or working or hot summer days could prevent me from getting a couple of beautis along the way. So here are my latest new in products!

From Garnier I have two new products. I purchased Biphase Micellar Cleansing water in oil and Garnier PureActive Blackheads uprooting scrub. The micellar solution was on my wishlist as soon as I read some great comments about it from fellow bloggers. I have not tried it yet, as I didn't really have much time lately. The scrub was a must purchase as I ran out of every other product with similar function. I chose this one as it seemed most promising - I needed something that would help me battle acne as well and this one includes salicylic acid. I love the scrub pearls in this one, it's gentle enough for me. Also has a nice smell and has a bit of a tingly sensation when applied on the skin. I think it actually helps me, my skin looks better and feels a lot softer.

It wouldn't be summer without products with coconut! I have purchase AVON Naturals Escape Coconut&Starfruit scented spritz a bit before I received the shower gel from the same collection. You can read more about it here. I have loved this one so much, it's just the perfect coconut scent and feels really refreshing and light on the skin! Perfect for all of you, coconut lover sout there! Along with the shower gel. :P From Adria Spa I was sent this Adria Spa Bio balm coconut body butter*. I tried their coconut lip balm last year and I liked the coconut scent a lot, so this year they were so kind to send me the body butter! Perfect hydrating product for the transition period from summer to fall, love it!

I have a lot of new products by Essence. So lets' start with what I got at sales. I bought two new lippies just before going on holidays as the sales started at that time and I was already a bit late to the party and only cought these two lovely gems - I finally bought Essence Velvet Matt XXXL longlasting lipgloss  17 hot brownie, the shade so many friends recommended to me, plus one more lippie Essence Velvet matt lipstick 18 Matt Wanted. Two deep reds for nights out. :) From the new range they offer I bought two new lipstick (out of the three available in the limited edition presenting the new products). The two shades that looked most interesting to me were Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick  shade 08 It's a statement and 02 Perfect match. I must say I love dark lipstick and this one is very pretty, but the lighter shade is simply to die for! The shade Perfect match is such a perfect mix of nude with pink undertone that is super wearable and can be worn for daytime or nights out. Love the matte finish of these two and the light texture. Application is best with a brush and some lipliner.

I have three more Essence products to talk about! from the new range I chose two products - Essence Camouflage 2in1 powder & make-up 10 ivory beige and Essence Get picture ready! eyeshadow palette in shade 10! The powder has not been tested yet as it's a bit light for me at the moment, I still have some summer tan. I will start using it very soon though, it looks very promising. The eyeshadow palette is very pretty, the shade selection is very usable and suitable for any eye colour or shape. The shades are mostly satin and shiny finish, two shades are a bit more matte. I love the applicator they added - one side is classic sponge and the other a small brush. The mirror inside is always handy and the packaging is small and compact. The shades are nothing special really, I probably have a dupe or three of each shade already at home, but I just wanted to see if the quality of the shades got better and how well this will perform. Before making any final judgements I need to test it out some more. If you would like to see a full review, let me know! The last product is from a limited edition, Essence Exit to explore LE blush in shade 01 My Heart is Beating Like A Jungle Drum. I loved this at first sight - it's fresh, it's vibrant, the packaging is super cute, the shade is perfectly pinky, but not too overpowering. The name also adds some bonus - reminds me of Emiliana Torrini's song Jungle drum. Really like this one as a whole!

And some more lipsticks! When in Budapest on holidays I ventured also in MAC store. I thought I will be able to walk out with just one product, but oh well, I couldn't. I chose two lipsticks - MAC Satin lipstick in shade Captive and MAC Matte lipstick in shade Velvet Teddy. I love both of these, plain and simple. The shades are both very wearable and I honestly can not decide which one I like more. I guess it depends on my mood. If you would like to see a full review let me know in the comments. :) From Avon I was sent some amazing new lipsticks - AVON Shine burst lipstick in shades  Berry Burst,  Tangerine Gleam and Plum Shock*. When I first saw these on Petra from Adjusting Beauty, I just couldn't resist. I was sent these three and I have ordered two more as I just love these! The packaging is super sleek and shiny, the texture glides on without any problems and the finish si super shiny and glossy. Perfect summer lipstick! I fell in love with the shade Plum shock, even though it can be a bit uneven, and I was so happy when I saw they sent me this one as well. The other two are brighter and more vibrant. I will post about these when I get the Honeysuckle and Iced Mocha as well, as I want them all in one post! 

A mix and match of everything! From Avon I have ordered also, along with the coconut body spray, also another Avon Matte lipstick, this time in shade Ravishing Rose. Love these so much, they are such perfect matte lipsticks and so affordable! From Labello I spotted a new shade at my local Muller store, so I had to have it. The Labello Marsala really gives a lot of colour, my lips look shiny and covered in a deep red- brownish shade. Perfect on the go lippie that also cares for my lips. Finally bought one Milani liquid lipstick - I opted for Milani  Amore Matte lip creme 15 Gorgeous. As teh name of the shade says - it's gorgeous! the matte finish is complete and it's super light on the lips. It does feel a bit more dry than other matte lipsticks, but I think the liquid formulas are all a bit more dry, maybe the Velvets by Bourjois are a bit more moisturizing. Anyway, I love it and I am thinking of getting more shades. From Rimmel I was finally able to get Rimmel Exaggerate full colour lip pencil 063 Eastend snob. I saw this one on Estee Lalonde and Amelia Liana and well, I just had to at least try it. It's a nice shade, but a bit too cool for my skin tone, doesn't look that good on me. Last item here is a nail polish I wanted for some time now. I got another of the new L'Oreal polishes -L'Oreal Nail lacquer 672 Gris Decadent. Very suitable for fall/winter season. The shade is very unlike me, but I somehow love it!

There is a new brand at Slovenian drug stores - yeey! I was able to go snoop and try out the testers very soon after it arrived at the stores.  I chose a couple of products to try out - L.O.V LOVlicious caring volume gloss in shade 100 Mystic Sand, a lovely nude shade for every day use. The texture is creamy and light, non sticky and covers well. So far I liked this one a lot. I also chose one liner and one nail polish - L.O.V LOVliner dip eyeliner shade 100 Black and L.O.V. LOVinity long lasting nail lacquer  240 Mahagony Mystery.  The dip eyeliner is really black and dries down to semi matte finish. I like that the tip is really thin and hard, so it doesn't move under pressure and it's harder to smudge it. However the tip is really hard and you need to be careful with application, I feel like I could seriously scratch my eyes with it, so I usually apply this very slowly. It lasts well on my lids and is fully opaque with one careful layer, maybe two, if the tip dries down too fast. The nail lacquer has such a lovely design. The black cap opens and under it you have the real opening cap, just like with Dior nail polishes. The brush is regular sized, a bit more fanned out at the tip. The shade is gorgeous and perfect for fall and has a very glossy finish. The last product is an eyeshadow. I couldn't decide if I should get the whole palette of five shades for 15 euros or one mono eyeshadow... than I almost took two mono eyeshadows, but managed to keep my fingers away. One mono eyeshadow costs 6 euros and considering what you get for the money tha palette would be a more budget buy than two separate mono eyeshadows. They offer matte, satin and shimmery shades. I chose one matte shade - L.O.V Unexpected eyeshadow shade 100 Black orchid. The shade seemed very chocolaty at first but than I saw it was actually very rich and a bit on the reddish side as well. The texture is super smooth, the shade is completly matte and the pigmentation is good. The fallout is minimal. I will definitely get more eyeshadows next time and try out some of the lippies as well!

Oriflame really knows how to spoil a girl! Oh my the amazing stuff I got in the past month and a couple I have purchased myself! Oriflame is one of the brands I keep loving and the products rarely fall short. I have purchased the new Vinyl lippie - Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Pink Mambo. I love the super shiny finish and the shade is very summery! Brightens up my face so much! I also bought one fragrance, Oriflame Memories chasing butterflies EdT. I love this one, it's such a perfect fragrance to say goodbye to summer. I have already posted about this one here. I will post about the lipstick if you are interested as well. The matte versions that have been released a bit earlier than the Vinyl are already on my blog here!  There is a brand new collection available in the new catalog, called Featherlight. I have received two lipsticks to  try out from the bunch - Oriflame The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Featherlight Taupe Touch* and Mulberry Maringue*. I love both shades soo much! The Taupe touch is such a perfect cool nude shade suitable for everyday use and the Mulberry Maringue is perfect fall lipstick! More about these on my blog soon! They are really light on the lips, the finish is satin to shiny and they can be layered well. They are creamy and really easy to wear! Along with the lippies I have also received new hair care product - Oriflame Eleo Dry oil for dry and damaged hair*. I have talked about Eleo products already here and I still love their hair oil so this one seemed very interesting to me. So far I liked this one, it's very light and doesn't grease up my hair too much.  The last product I have received is such a treat! They sent me this amazing Oriflame Amazing Paradise EdP*! It smells like summer in a bottle! The perfume is strong and last well, the fragrance develops well and the scent that lingers behind me is also very strong. I love this one so much! There will be a full blog post about this one as well!

And this is it! All of the goodies from previous month! Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products that were sent to me for review purposes are marked with a *. 


  1. Super izbira! Drugače me pa ful zanima objava o garnier micelarni vodici, pa tudi kak swatch obeh mac šminkic.

    1. Hvala! Garnier micelarno bom v kratkem pričela testirati, samo da porabim trenutno odprto čistilno mleko. :) O MAC šminkah bom pa najverjetneje res naredila kar posebno objavo! :)

  2. Spet čudovit nabor izdelkov. MAC Captive izgleda čudovito. Komaj čakam swatche. Velvet Teddy imam jaz tudi in je tak perfekten jesenski odtenek. Kakšna se ti pa zdi obstojnost LOV laka? Jaz se bojim, da je ista formula kot Catrice, ki mi zelo zelo slabo zdržijo na nohtih. Drugače me od njih ni nič posebej pritegnilo. Se mi zdi tak dokaj osnoven nabor izdelkov.
    Avon Shine Sticks so pa tudi moji letošnji poletni favoriti. Imajo res tak lep vlažilen občutek in so bili perfektne na morju. Dobila si odlične odtenke - vsaj po mojem mnenju. Iced Mocha je definitivno moj najljubša :)
    Hvala za omembo ;) <3

    1. Hvala! Nad naborom sem tudi sama zelo navdušena, malo manj nad vsem časom, ki ga rabim, da vse poslikam in spravim v objave :P Captive je bila ljubezen na prvi pogled, nisem mogla ven brez nje. LOV lak na meni ni neki zelo obstojen, sploh ker ma tak super lux shiny finish in se vse takoj pozna, mam pa podobne nohte kot ti - mehke in krhke in se mi vse skoz lomi, tako da mi ne more zdržat pa ne glede na to kaka formula je. Ja majo kar klasičen nabor, mene je vseeno potegnilo, da vsaj sprobam pa vidim, kaj lahko ujamem dobrega in kvalitetnega po razumnih cenah.
      Ni za kaj :) Si naredila super objavo in so odtenki me čisto prepričali, da sem si naročila še dva! :P

  3. Za tole L.O.V. senčilo v odtenku Black Orchid sem pa mislila da je rdečilo, čudovita barva ko je koža rahlo porjavela, nato sem pa prebrala da je senčilo. Huh, še vedno izgleda čudovito, bi bila vesela kakšnih slikic kako izgleda na koži, mogoče si ga pa še jaz vzamem ;)


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