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Hello again and welcome back to my blog! It's that time again - me talking about a selected few products that were most loved in the previous month! August has been a very long month and a lot has happened - from holidays, staying at home, working, trying to blog, family visits and such... In short it was a very busy month and I used a bit less cosmetics than usual, but there were still some products I simply could not do without. Let's go check them out!

I have two skincare items I have been really enjoing in the past month. First one is by Skin Blossom, the  Nourishing face moisturiser for oily, normal & sensitive skin*. I have been using this a lot in the summer time and I loved it! It's got light texture and applies nice and quickly. It's suitable for different skin types as it's really light and moisturizes really well! I wake up with super soft and nourished skin! It includes jojoba il, shea butter and aloe vera and all of these ingredients are well known for being really great with dehydrated skin. It has a light scent to it, similar to other Skin Blossom products I have tried. You can read more about them  here and about the handcream. Really recommend this moisturizer - it's lightwight, effective, non greasy and makes my skin super smooth! The second product is by Adria Spa Bio Balm, it's another product to add to my coconut addiction - coconut body butter*! I have tried a lot of different coconut body balm, butter and mousse products and I must say this one is very nourishing, but very light at the same time! It sinks into my skin fast and I can wear clothes really soon after applying, also my skin doesn't feel sticky and my legs don't stick to my sheets or clothes. Smells very lovely - light coconut scent, not too sweet or to fake. Texture is rich but light at the same time, basically exactly what I want in a body butter. 

Kozmetika Afrodita kindly sent me a huge package of goodies and in there were also these two products! They are not my usual beauty products to include in a monthly favourites post, but they were life savers!   I am talking about SOS Tropical Spray citronella&eucalyptus to fight against mosquitos and other insects* and the product that helped me when I forgot to apply the first one -  SOS Calming gel aloe vera & lavander for soothing skin in cases of sunburn and insect bites*. Both products vome in a plastic packaging and include 120 ml.  The tropical spray smelled really nice, no artificial repelent smell we are used to from products like this. Even my boyfriend commented that he likes the scent of this and it doesn't make him feel sick. The spray includes essential oils of citronella, lemon grass, eucalyptus, lavander and rosemary and has a really refreshing scent, It did the job as promised, it kept the bugy away, but only if I used it on time. For moments when I forgot to apply this one, weather outside or in the evening inside appartment, I needed some extra help to cure the after bite effects - swelling, itchines. The calming gel really helped with that¨and it did the job fast! It contains aloe vera and lavander, so it helps to sooth, cool down and regenerate your skin after insect bite, subathing or jellyfish burn. Lucky me, I only got attacked by mosquitos and nothing else! It did also help me when my skin felt very sensitive on my shoulders, wehre the sun got me the most and burned my skin a bit. Really recommend the calming gel for any kind of burns or insect bites, as it helps and it helps fast! No itchy feeling in a couple of minutes, the swelling dissappears, you feel no need to scratch your skin till it bleeds. Exactly what I need!

Two fragrance products that impressed me most - Oriflame  Amazing Paradise EdP* and Avon Naturals Escape Coconut & Starfruit scented spritz. The Amazing Paradise perfume was love at first try! I really love the scent, it lasts very  well and doesn't change the scent too much when on my skin. It's probably one of the most longlasting fragrances I have ever owned! The scent is very summer-ish, very playful,  fruity  and floral, but rich at the same time without being heavy. There will be a full review for this one soon! The second fragrance product I loved using was by Avon and has the same scent as the shower gel I have already talked about here. The coconut scent is just right, not too strong, too sweet or artificial. It feels very refreshing on the skin and also doesn't grease me up, skin feels light, scented and hydrated. I will use this in colder months as well, as it just smells so cozy and carefree at the same time. I mostly use this on my neckline and upper body, so I can smell it longer! :P The lasting power of the scent is short, as this is a fragranced body spray, not a perfume, lasts me about an hour or so.

Last three months I have been loving some eyeshadows and have purchased quite a lot of them! One of my August favourites include also an eyeshadow palette and a mono eyeshadow. From the palettes it was really hard to choose as I have a couple of new ones and love them as well. Most used was Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes. It combines the perfect shades for daytime wear - browns, a bit of greys, a copper shade, some pinks. Basic shades, but they are well pigmented and last on me really well, so I used them a lot! The mono eyeshadow I liked the most is by the new brand in Slovenian stores, sister brand to Catrice and Essence, L.O.V! For my first try I chose one of the matte shades, called Unexpected eyeshadow 100 Black orchid,  that are available and I was feeling autumnal already so I went for a deep reddish-brown shade. I love the design of the packaging, the included mini mirror, applicator that I don't really use, but it's there in case of emergency.The pigmentation is great and the shade is completely matte. It lasts well on me, looks good on it's own or in combo with other shades. Also acts well as a base shade layered under the more shimmery shades. I must say the other shades and palettes I have dipped my fingers into at the store impressed me as well and I am most definitely buying some more shades soon!

And my favouirte part to talk about - the best lip products! In the past month I have tried quite a bunch of different lippies, the one I got to wore the most were MAC Velvet Teddy, Labello Marsala lip balm, Oriflame Featherlight collection The ONE lipstick in shade Taupe Touch* and Avon Shine Burst in shade Tangerine Gleam*! So I have a matte finish lipstick, satin finish and shiny finish lipstick, as well as a coloured lip balm. The Velvet Teddy is a new one in my collection, I bought it while on vacation in Budapest! I must say I love this one on my lips! So many said this was perfect fall shade, but to me this is perfect all the time lipstick, suitable for any season, even summer. The application is easy and I can pull this shade off without any lip liner, matte finish is perfect and the feel on the lips is super light. Also the shade doesn't wash me out or makes me look too yellow, it's a really universaly flattering nude shade. The second lip product I had to include is a new Colour& Care lip balm by Labello! I bought this one at my local Muller store but I have not spotted it in any other store. I now have all four shades - red, nude, rose and the deep browny red shade - Marsala. The pigmentation of this one is much better than with the other three shades. It became my instant favourite as it looks like a balmy lipstick on the lips, more than just a lip balm with a hint of colour. The colour is also very suitable for fall season. The finish is shiny, but this really looks good on the lips! If you like Labello lip balms you should give this one a try a s well! From Avon I was sent three new Shine Burst lipsticks. I have also ordered two more which I have received a couple of days ago and I love them! The shade I wore most in August was Tangerine Gleam, a vibrant, bright peachy pink with some fine shimmer and super shiny finish. It glides on so well, no need for a mirror or lipliner. Feels very light and covers evenly, no sticky feeling and it doesn't sit in my dry areas. The packaging is also super shiny and slim, each colour has a suitable packaging, so you immediately know which one it is. The last lipstick was another love at first application - the new Oriflame lipstick from the Featherlight collection.  The shade Taupe Touch is such a perfect everyday shade! I love to wear this at any time, for a walk, shopping, to go to work. It just suits any mood and time of the day. The application is smooth, texture creamy and light, feels like I have nothing on my lips at all! Full review coming up soon!

L to R: Avon, Labello, Oriflame, MAC

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products that were sent to me for review purposes have been marked with a *.


  1. Velvet Teddy je neverjeten, izgleda grda rjava ampak pride lepo na vsakih ustnicah :)

    1. Ja izgleda res ne ne vem kaj, na ustnicah pa res paše tolko ljudem! Sem ful vesela, da sem si ga privoščila ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Hvala! ;) Moram priznat, da imam zadnje čase samo odlične new in šminke :P


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