Monday, January 22, 2018

Preview: Essence - Bring on the lashes LE

Fabu-lashes! False lashes are the ultimate trend for strong, extraordinary eye make-up styles.With the new essence trend edition “bring on the lashes!” in January 2018, every lash queen is sure to fnd the perfect lashes to suit her style. No matter whether glamour, doll, drama, mermaid, leo or fairy – things are about to get edgy and breathtaking! All six designs include lash glue. 

glamour lashes
Extremely dense, thin fber lashes create an especially expressive look full of volume and an extra-portion of glamour. Available in 01 glam on, glow up!  

doll lashes
The lash band with clusters of lashes in various thicknesses ensures a playful doll-eye look.
Available in 02 do you think I’m cute?  

drama lashes
Tapered towards the ends, these thick lashes come in different lengths for a breathtaking look. Available in 03 drama, baby!  

mermaid lashes
Thanks to the iridescent sequins in turquoise and purple, the fake lashes conjure-up an enchanting mermaid style. Available in 04 secretly a mermaid.  

leo lashes
Lashes with a leopard pattern flatter any cat eye make-up style and give the eyes a wild look. Available in 05 raaawr!  

fairy lashes
Fabulous and as delicate as a fairy: the extra long, purple lashes turn any eye make-up style into a fairytale. Available in 06 spread your wings and fly!  

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