Friday, January 26, 2018

Empties - January 2018 - Part 1

Hey there! Time to come back among the living and post some more on this blog XD Finally a new post, starting the year with cleaning up some of the empties that have been waiting for ages. Check out which products have made a positive impression and which ones I'll repurchase!

A scrub I had before and got another one - Afrodita Cosmetics Sugar scrub with brown sugar and Shea butter. I like that it's very nourishing and perfect for when my skin is super dry and needs a more nourishing scrub to make it smoother and softer. If applied too heavily it can leave my skin looking way too oily and feels greasy, so I need to go over with a shower gel to get the excess away. Anyway, a good scrub, but probably won't repurchase again. I prefer their strawberry one more or the new one with lavender and argan.

Afrodita Cosmetics Grapes liquid hand* wash smells divine, just like the whole Grapes collection. The shower gel is permanently on my repurchase list. I can smell it on my skin for hours after, same with the hand wash. Affordable and does the job, I'll probably reach after it again, given the chance.

NIVEA Oil Pearls care shower creme Ylang Ylang* has a nice creamy texture to it, but never feels too heavy on the skin. It's not that nourishing so I wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin all over. Smells nice and leaves the skin refreshed. I liked this one, might return back to it.

Oriflame Love Nature Exfoliating Shower Gel energising mint & raspberry* has amazing scrub effect and the scent was perfect especially for the summer months. I liked the effect on my skin, gentle scrub, no irritations and my skin really looked glowy after regular use. It's suitable even for those who don't like scrubs in general. More about it you can read in my review here.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash for sensitive skin was a recommendation from a fellow beauty blogger Ana (Beautysaur). I was looking for an affordable drugstore face wash that would really get all the makeup off and would be gentle to the skin. I don't really have sensitive skin, but I like using products that are less aggressive. This face wash is great - texture, the amount needed for one use, the slight foam effect and gentle, noninvasive scent. My skin never feels dry after use and there's no usual tightening feel after washing my face as with products meant for oily skin type. Can't wait to repurchase!

Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt& Volume mascara 010 Black was my go to mascara on a daily basis for a couple of months back in 2017. It really separated my lashes and kept them up, the volume was decent even without using eyelash curler. It never flaked or caused any kind of panda effect for me, until it started to dry out. Affordable, around 5 euros mascara for daily wear to school or work. 

LUSH Grease Lightning gel  needs no introduction. If you follow me on Instagram or if you have been reading my posts - I talk about this all the time. The light fresh gel is the only thing that has kept my spots down and I desperately need a repurchase. It's not exactly cheap, but it's definitely worth every cent!

The Ordinary  Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%  was kinda a miss for me. While everyone is raving about The Ordinary and how much their products have helped improve their skin, to me they are sort of meh. Especially this Azelaic acid. I used it up, just because I wanted to give this product a proper chance. But honestly, I don't think I'll ever repurchase. First I broke out massively, as expected after using an acid. But then it kept going worse and my skin just never adapted to the product or cleansed properly. Each day I would have more and more acne and it felt kinda greasy on my skin, I think it was actually clogging my pores even more, if that makes sense. Just not the product for me, I guess.

NIVEA Hairmilk leave-in conditioner for dry, damaged hair has been with me for a couple of months. Worth the money and it lasted really long! Usually I would use it after washing my hair, spray it on the length of my hair and it would sink in instantly. never made my hair look or feel greasy at all! It has a nice powdery Nivea kind of scent to it and my hair really feel super soft after using this! 

AVON Advance Techniques dry shampoo* was a bit of a deviation from my usual Batiste dry shampoo. It performed better then I thought it would! It had a nice floral scent to it and it was best for that second day hair, when I get slightly greasy looking front, but not yet too much that I would need Batiste to deal with it. I wouldn't use it on super greasy hair as it's just not strong enough to deal with that. But slightly greasy, second day hair will definitely get along with this one. Also gave me a bit of a nice volume! If you don't have very greasy scalp and hair then this would probably work even better for you!

Hope you liked this post and it had some useful information for you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes. My reviews are always based on my own experiences with the products.

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