Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Preview: Essence - Kalinka beauty TE :)

Modern Matryoshka: essence is travelling to the land of traditions and beauty in January 2014 with the new trend edition “kalinka beauty”. Folklore patterns and lace adorn the designs of the beauty pieces and are combined with a bright color scheme of warm red, orange, apricot, beige, brown, green and brilliant blue. In addition to focusing on the eyes, lips, face and nails, this trend edition has another special must-have in store for you: the cute Matryoshka – the world-famous Russian doll and the ultimate souvenir – is embodied in the shape of a unique purse. The single lashes in black, green and red also ensure an eye-catching look. Welcome to Russia… with essence!

BlushSunrise over Moscow… the silky-soft powder texture of the blush in a bright apricot-orange gives your cheeks a gorgeous flush to counteract pale winter skin. As well as providing beautiful red cheeks, the Matryoshka packaging is a real eye-catcher, too!

Lip brushThe lip brush with a slanted tip and thick, dense bristles ensures accurate definition for the contours of your lips and is ideal for the application of the duo lip cream. 

Duo lip cream - From Russia with love… the highly pigmented duo lip cream with one matt and one shiny formula offers your lips long-lasting color. The subtly shimmering, glossy cream can also be used as a topper. Available in 01 meet me @ red square and 02 east side story.

Hair mascara With the hair mascara in trendy orange or glamorous bronze, you can give your hair awesome color highlights as streaks or at the ends. The mascara is super-easy to apply and rinses out with shampoo. Available in 01 east side story and 02 babushka me. 

Eyebrow stylerThe duo eyebrow styler is a true all-rounder. One end of the pen emphasizes your brows while the other end is a transparent positioning pen for long-lasting eyebrow make-up. Super-practical: there’s a little brush integrated in the cap to ensure perfect shape. Available in 01 babushka me and 02 how to be russian.

Nail polishKalinka loves… the four new colors in blue, orange, apricot and green with a gorgeous pearl effect! They create cool, long-lasting nail styles that turn your nails into a trendy winter statement. Available in 01 absolut blue, 02 east side story, 03 from russia with love and 04 green scene.

Purse - The cute purse with a Matryoshka design is an absolute must-have – and not just for souvenir hunters! It’s ideal for storing money, cash cards and even little beauty utensils.

Mono eyeshadowGreetings from St. Petersburg… the eyeshadows with a high pigmentation and a creamy texture create trendy eye make-up styles in fresh apricot, earthy brown or cool green. Kalinka’s favorites! Available in 01 from russia with love, 02 babushka me and 03 green scene.

Single lashes - The false single lashes in the three eye-catching colors black, green and orange are the ultimate it-pieces of this collection. They set cool highlights – placed on the outer edges, between your lashes or all over! One set contains 40 single lashes including lash glue.

My Opinion - I love love love the blush! I want it! The packaging, the colour, the desing - everything about it is just perfect! Also I really like the duo lip cream in the darker, redder shade. I hope to get my hnads on these two products! The rest I don't find appealing much.. maybe the single lashes, but I have bad experinces with applying them .. so I just don't use them.. I like they ae in different shades, a nice twist to regular false lashes. :) What do you think? See anything you like?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Huda kolekcija :) Blusher je že na wishlisti...pa mogoče kakšen lakec :)
    Majo res super ideje pri Essence :)

  2. Blush mi je zelo všečen in pa duo lip cream se mi zdi zanimiv :) Bo treba it preverit v trgovino ko bo (razen če vse pograbijo :))


  3. Embalaža blusha je tko lepa, da ga že zaradi nje moram kupit, ostalo me pa niti ne mika.

  4. Rdečilo:)) Lepa embalaža in verjetno tudi lep odtenek, peach:)

  5. Res je zelo lepa embalaža od rdečila in bi jo že zaradi tega imela :) me pa zanimajo predvsem swatchi lakov Absolut blue, From russia with love in Green scene. Če bodo tako lepi kot zgledajo, upam, da katerega dobim ;)

  6. Uuu, bo treba it pogledat tole, lušno zgleda :)


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