Monday, December 2, 2013

NEW in November :)

 Hello December! Today's post is as expected  - what was new in November :) I have a little less products this month, I was trying to save some money and also save it for Christmas shopping :) Also in December a lot of brands have discounts and such and it's worth to wait a bit :) Plus, the amount of make up I already have doesn't let me buy any more, I have to test and swatch so many things...

So let's start with a list of all things new:
- Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup 130 Shell
- Revlon Lip Butter in 063 Wild Watermelon and 096 Macaroon
- MicroCell 2000 Nail repair 
- Deborah Milano Red, shade 2
- MaxFactor, Colour Elixir  630 Eternal flame
- Alverde, Mineral Blush Pearls in shade 10 Fantastic Toffee
- Alverde, Beauty&Fruity,  mattifying face cream with lime and apple
- Alverde, Bodybutter Christmas set
- JOHN FRIEDA, Full Repair deep infusion treatment for hair

I want to start with my favourite part of the month - lipsticks! I got the Revlon lip butters with a little bit of discount, so I don't feel so bad getting them, but I really hope to use them some more. I got myself two new shades, 096 Macaroon and 063 Wild Watermelon :) These two make my list of lip butters up to number seven! I'm really getting proud of my collection of lipsticks, and I want to make a series of posts presenting all of them :) I was thinking something like " Lipstick of the week", something like that :) I know it's nothing new, but I really have to share these wonderful lippies with all of you :) Also I got two other lipstick this month, one is by Deborah, Milano Red collection, but doesn't have a name, only a number, shade 2. The other shade I got is by MaxFactor, also ColorElixir range, shade 630 Eternal flame. To see the shades check the photos below for some swatches ;) I got both of these by second hand, so I didn't spend a lot of money on them ;)

L to R: Revlon Wild Watermelon, Revlon Macaroon, MaxFactor Eternal  Flame, Deborah shade 2

Next are products for face :) I got myself my second bottle of Nearly Naked foundation in shade Shell :) I have been using this almost every day for the last couple of months. Let's say I had a bottle from May until now... and I really used it like at least 6 times per week :) I love this foundation and I simply had to repurchase, because no matter how many other BB creams or foundations I have at home, I always go for this one :P I will write a proper review on this one, it's a really amazing product ;) Also, I got myself a little pot of blush pearls, by Alverde. they were on sale, a bit less than 2e, so I said why not. I love the browny natural toned combination and I wantd to see whether or not could I use it as a bronzer. So far so good, I used it a couple of times in combination with a more natural make up look on eyes and it's quite a good product :)

Next are two repair products, one is for nails, MicroCell 200 nail repair, which I hope will help me put my nails back to  a better state. I have a lot of problems with my nails lately, and with winter time they seem to be even worse. I hope this will do what it promises, will see in a week or so. You are supposed to have it on for  tow- three weeks, will see how it works for me.

Second is a product by John Frieda, a repair product for hair, a transparent liquid infusion. I hope it will help me keep my hair ends from spliting, will see.. I used it twice up to now and so far so good :) I got this one as a "CHIC ambasadorka" of November, I will write a review here, both in Slovene and English ;)

I got this set of three body butters by Alverde for myself at first, and I loved the scent of these three so I actually both the second one too, for a gift ;) You get three different body butters, each packaged in 50 ml container:) Currently I'm using the one with cranberry chocolate scent and I love it! you also get inside one with vanilla and cinnamon and one with aroma of baked apples ;) Perfect Christmas scents :)

Another product from Alverde I bought at the end of the month is this face cream with lime and apples. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it's good :) It's supposed to be for normal to mixed skin, and my skin tends to be a bit on the greasy side, but in winter I need a little something more rich to care for my skin :)

And to finish off my post - I have some new jewelry, but none was made by me ... I have little time for creating lately, unfortunately. I got the bracelet at DM store, the big green earrings at Muller store and the smaller, brighter earrings second hand ;)

And this is it! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog! :) Please leave a comment if you wish for me to try review a certain product sooner :)

P.S. - Don't forget - giveaway is just one post away! ;)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Same dobre pridobitve, šminke so <3 Pa tale Alverde set moram it poiskat takoj ko bom blizu kakšnega dm-a, prav lušten je :)

    1. Hehe, hvala :) Tale Alverde set je super, pa še poceni, nekej 2,45e stane:)

    2. Sem morala preiskat nekih 5 dm-ov in mi ga je včeraj končno uspelo najti :D

    3. Ja ful hitro gre, ga tud jaz nisem več nikjer zasledila... :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ja, priporočam če ti ga uspe še kje kupit, ful mi vse lepo diši ;)

  3. Zelo lepe šminke:) Sem gledala te od Max Factorja v trgovini in so me kar navdušili odtenki:)

    1. Hvala, mene je tale MaxFactor ful navdušil, sem res vesela da sm si jo privoščila :)


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