Friday, May 12, 2017

NEW IN March & April

Hello! A massive new in blog post is waiting for you! Springtime was super fast this year, I was working some more than usual and I also started a new blog - Sapphire's Lair, so I was kinda absent here on this one and missed posting regularly. Here are all my new in products that I bought or received in the past two months! I added short descriptions, futile attempts at keeping this blog post readable ! :P

A couple of March makeup treats I got myself.  L'Oreal Infaillible Blush Paint longwear high-intensity palette - Ambers was instant favourite, I love the pigmentation, the way it is easily applied and blended. The shade selection is a bit more shimmery to my liking, but I still end up using it almost daily. Definitely one of the top purchases of the year so far! A repurchase - Deborah  Milano Face perfect mattifying primer. I actually used up my previous primer and needed this one, I switch between this one and L'Oreal Infalliable, depends which one I can get cheaper and they both work well for me! March includes a lot of holidays as well as April, but March is an excuse to treat myself - Woman's day treat was  another of these amazing liquid lipsticks - GOLDEN ROSE Longstay liquid matte lipstick in shade 10. It's a very unusual shade and I can not pull it off always, but I love the pale cold effect it has on me! Definitely not average every day shade to go, but something special, I don't own anything like this! Especilly love to use it as a base for ombre combinations. I wanted to try another one of Avon nail polishes - AVON True colour nailwear pro+ Vintage Boutique. It seemed like a nice shade, but honestly I am not feeling it. I may be giving this to someone else eventually. 

As mentioned before, March includes Woman's day and I was sent a couple of products! I got AVON Chocolate Orange bubble bath* and AVON Mark  Berry Cute lipstick*. I have tried their bubble baths before and they are amazing! Honestly I can not believe I have not tried them before this year! I have had their baths, but not the bubble ones! The amount of bubble is insane! Also the Berry Cute lipstick quickly became one of my favourites. The shade is so pretty, I think it suits me well and can be applied as a stain or heavy, full coverage! From Oriflame I was sent another gorgeous nail polish - Oriflame The ONE Long wear nail polish  Spring Grape*. I love the purple shade and I have been having an episode of everything purple lately, so this arived just in time for me to be in love with it! Very nice shade, needs two thin coats, lasts well on my super soft and chipped nails. From Lič I got Freedom Makeup  #ProArtist HD Pro refills contour 02* and Freedom Makeup  #ProArtist  Pro HD longwear corrector Porcelain*, which I honestly haven't gotten around to trying out yet. I wasn't really testing many products lately, just the usual everyday quick makeup products.

Along with the before mentioned nail polish I bought three more products - AVON Advance Techniques  instant repair 7 hair serum, AVON Peony and Pomegranate bubble bath and AVON Planet Spa Radiant Gold body & massage oil. I liked the hair serum, smells nice and my hair end slike it. It does the job well, keeps my hair ends from splitting and drying out. Still, I am using it up way too fast, so I guess I won't be repurchasing. The bubble bath is greta, smells so lovely. I mostly smell pomegranate, but the bubbles are life! The massage oil is waiting for summer months, have not tried it yet.

Also from Lič I received Freedom Makeup #ProArtist Pro lipstick palette noir*. This is such a lovely palette! I love the dark seceletion of shades and this covers all my wishes for a very dark lip solour - deep moss green, black, deep purple shades, deep blue-ish shades! The textures of these are creamy and I apply them with a lip brush. There are also a lot of nice red-ish, fleshy colours in it, so it's still a very wearable selection of shades! Would you like a full review? :P

Nivea always surprises me when I least expect it! In April I got these three new shower gels - NIVEA Care Shower creme  Oil Pearls - lotus, ylang ylang and cherry blossom*. I am currently using and testing the Lotus one. Smells very nice, clean, flowery. Almost like a classic Nivea scent but with a twist, The other two have stronger scents, less classic powdery ones. My skin likes the Lotus version, it's a lot more hydrating than a lot of shower gels I normally use. Also could use it as a base for a quick shaving.

One of my all time favourite brands, Oriflame, celebrated 50 years and also 20 years of being in Slovenia. At two separate occassions I was sent two amazing products. Oriflame Eleo protecting oil* was in my favourites, a full review is on the blog as well, I have also mentioned it in my empties. I received it right before May and with a handwritten note, letting me know they know I love it and that now I won't have to wait for it to be on discount! :P Thank you so much, this is a miracle worker for my hair! As for the 50th anniversary, I received Tender Care protecting balm*. They created a selection of their best sellers and packaged them in pure gold. Looks very pretty and chic, and I'm not even a fan of gold!

From Herbas I received a massive box of goodies! I am slowly testing them out and it will take a while, so if you are interested in a particular product let me know and I will try to review that first. For skincare I got Bently Organic Skin Blossom Organic Facial toner*, Skin Blossom Nourishing Face cream*, Reviving eye cream*  and Organic Soap lavander, Aloe and Jojoba*. I have already tried out the toner and face cream, but I had them in the previous design. The products haven't changed, but I am glad I am again stocked up on these two as my skin really loved this! I have also tried the soap before and it's got such a lovely lavander scent to it! What's new for me is the reviving eye cream and I am going to start testing it out very soon, I am almost done with an eye cream I have used before and this one is next! Can't wait!

For my hair I have received four products.  K pour Karite Gel spray fixation forte strong hold spray*, Hairstyling cream*, Absolu Nectar body and hair oil 49,3% karite* and Hair styling pomade*. I am currently trying out the Absolu Nectar oil and it's  a super universal product that I can use on my dry patches of skin or on my hair. It smells nice as well and if I don't over do it, it's not too greasy! The rest of the products are waiting to be tested and tried out. I don't use a lot of styling products, so I will see how I will try out and test these.

Herbas now also offers a new brand LaSaponaria. I have not heard of them before and they are new to me. I got to try out three products - Grace solid perfume*, Rosa & karite hand cream rose hip and shea butter*, bio soap with extra virgin olive oil*, rose oil and shea butter*. I am currently trying out the hand cream, has a very nice rose scent to it! The solid perfume is natural and gentle, I think both of these will be in my favourites! The soap is still waiting it's turn! Also the first product I have tried from the bunch - Green&Beauty Cosmetica Naturale Deodorante Woman # naturalcharme*. I have been swearing by Borotalco deodorant, which is sadly not natural,but super effective on someone like me - I sweat a lot! like seriously a lot, and not just while exercising or being active. This natural deodorant has a super light floral fragrance and I can use it straight after shaving, no irritation, no redness, no bad smell! I love it! I have tried natural deodorants before but none of them really worked on me or they were very heavly fragranced, like Biobaza for example. This is a true discovery for me!

A couple of skincare bits I treated myself with. I was on the hunt for a new daily peeling/ scrub kind of product and while at lush, I decided ot try their LUSH Dark Angels cleanser. I do not use it every day, but like every third day or so. Really helps me keep my enlarged pores in check, so far I like it! I  was in the store actually to get another bottle of LUSH Grease  Lightning. I need this in my life! If I don't use it for a week or two I get so many spots back! This really does the job, keeps my skin in check and if there are some super large painful acne, this stops them in a about two or three days. Otherwise I need to wait for my skin to do it's thing and it can be a week or two before I can get rid off painful zits. Balea Oilfree serum PoreAway - alpha-hydroxyacids, aloe vera, zinc was actually a random DM store purchase. I was not planning  on getting this one, but it seemed interesting to me, something light to use in the morning, maybe under my primer and foundation. So far I like it, sinks into the skin fast, does actually leave my skin looking even and matte. But I need to test it out some more. A treat for my skin - another face mask! I spotted Garnier SkinActive Matcha + Kaolin mask at my local Muller store and it seemed interesting - claiming to include matcha tea! It includes enough of the product for two uses, so I have one more to go. Feels light on the skin, after use the pores look a lot tighter and my face supple, but matte.

Before the end of April I was hitting the drugstores for some travel friendly products. I got myself Garnier SkinActive hautklar 3in1 face wipes and Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb protect hydrating spray with SPF 30. The face wipes are ok, but nothing special. I can not say if they actually get to do anything against my acne, but probably not much. They do really get that foundation and mascara off, that was a nice surprise!  The spray was mostly meant for getting some easy hydration to my ski while on the go, but I had no idea it also included SPF protection. I have no idea how I missed that in the store. Anyway, I like the spray, it dries up super fast, no greasy residue. Though I have not tried using it on top of make up, that might prove to be a bit of a problem, will see.

I have a lot of new AVON products! They were super kind and sent me a bunch of products for nail art. I got AVON Nailwear pro+ Sheer Citrus*, Magic effects matte top coat*, Mark Gel shine lasting finish top coat*, True colour Nailwear pro+ Decadence* plus a stamping set and a plate*. As I am not really into nail art and have zero skills in it I thought I should give some of these products away in a giveaway to my regular readers! I will be giving away the Sheer citrus nail polish, the stamping set and the motive palette on my Facebook! Stay tuned and visit me on my Facebook page!

A couple of skincare treats. For a short trip I got AVEO Papaya limonenduft nail polish remover pads and they really do the job well! I was surprised at how thin the pads are, but the are soaked in the product and do the job just fine! Plus this is sort of cheap, about 1,30 euros. Also travel friendly and smelling amazingly is Balea Bodylotion Sommerwonne travel pack, which includes 100 ml. I can use this as a body lotion or hand cream at the same time! Leaves no greasy feeling, just soft fragranced skin. Last treat is still waiting for me to try it out - DOVE Nourishing secrets Relaxing ritual shower gel lavander oil & rosemary extract. Reasons for purchase - lavander and rosemary, duuhh?! Anyway, shower ges are never a wasted product, so I know this will get it's turn soon!

A couple of makup bits I bought in April, though I did try to refrain myself from purchasing as much as possible. I got myself GOLDEN ROSE Quick Dry top coat, sort of by mistake, I was buying for a fellow beauty blogger, but than forgot it at home and just went to buy another one. :P A repurchase after a long time - Bourjois Healthy Balance unifying powder 52 vanilla. I missed this one so much! It gives the most natural finish and helps me stay matte  longer even in the hot summer months. The lip product that I couldn't pass up even though it costs a small fortune - Lancome Matte Shaker 270 Beige Vintage! Love the shade, the feel on the lips, the scent, the pigmentation! Basically everything, but the price. :P Perfect everyday pinky nude shade to go, no mirror needed or lipliner. Feels light on the lips, but needs some time to dry out completly matte. Last lippie of the month - Bourjois  Rouge Edition Velvet  12 Beau Brun was a gift from a friend. I love this shade, I have worn in a lot in the last three weeks! Fits with everything - daytime or nighttime makeup, for grabbing a coffee or going out to dinner. Matte finish, but very light texture and the pigmentation delivers - one coat does the trick.

Lost in translation - products I forgot to include in the post and realized it once I was already working on the text. A new lip balm that actually works for me - Biobaza Grapefruit and olive lip balm (lost it somewhere while taking photos for the blog post), Batiste dry shampoo for brown hair (forgot I repurchased it again). L.O.V. eyeshadow Merlot Divine  - forgot to write this one down along the rest of the products and I only remembered that this one is from April as well once I already cleaned up the set. Also it was gift from a fellow blogger Ina - Hysteriaofdecay! Thank you! :). Last are three new polishes by Catrice! I have already treid the rusty merlot kind of shade and it's really pretty! I received shades ICONails gel lacquer 42 Rust in peace*, 06 Nails on fire*, 21 Want to be my brightsmaid?*

And finally done! Thanks for sticking to the end! Have you tried any of these, do you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Golden Rose odtenek izgleda krasno, čeprav razumem zakaj ga bi lahko bilo težko nosit :)
    Avonov bubble bath me tudi zelo mika :D
    Garnierev spray z SPF bom morala pa poiskat v trgovinah, rabim nekaj takega!

    1. Ja odtenek je nor, sam moram met res dober makeup celotno, da sploh gre skozi :P Sam nisem se mogla upret nakupu :P Garnier imajo na Čopovi, cena nekje 7-8 evrov :)

  2. Sem sumila, da boš vzela še kakšen matte šejker. In to si vzela točno ta odtenek, ki si ga želim :) Zelo me mika, ampak se moram prepričat, da je vreden :)

  3. Berry Cute je tako lep odtenek. En izmed mojih najljubših :). Zdaj komaj vidim, da ima Garnier spray SPF. O to je pa super. Bi bilo nekaj za hiter SPF, ko ne pričakuješ sonca :).

  4. Ufff Bourjois-jeva šminka zgleda čudovito <3 #nerabimnerabim Joj za nadlak pa nisem vedla, bi komot počakala :)

  5. So many goodies :-)

    1,5 week ago I was in Germany. You probably know what happens when I visit DM ;-)

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