Monday, June 12, 2017

NEW IN May :)

Hello lovelies! Almost summer here! Great for all of you heat lovers, not so much for me. I am not that great with the sun and heat and sun bathing. Though I have a bunch of new products that are perfect for the summer time - sun screens, straw hats, towels and so on. I kept makeup purchases to minimum, but I splurged on some skin care! Check out my newbies!

Vichy kindly sent me their latest addition to the foundation game - Dermablend 3D Correction SPF 25 Corrective resurfacing active foundation*. This has been out and about for a year or two already, but I am just starting testing it out. My first try was definitely like wow, amazing! This covers up everything so well! However, it doesn't like the hot summer weather we are having here right now. Will see about that. I'm sure I'll post a full review about it up here! Along with it I also received three of their face masks -  Vichy Double glow peel mask*, Pore Purifying clay mask*, Quenching mineral mask*. Have not tested these out yet, but I've read great praises for these as well, so I hope they will be ok for me too!

A skincare splurge! I have given into the temptation and ordered a couple of products along with a fellow beauty blogger Ina from Hysteriaofdecay. I got myself a couple of products that should cover my skincare needs for the next three or more months. Bought at DECIEM online and went for The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. I am currently testing out Azelaic Acid and my first reaction was breaking out some more and bad skin for days. Now after a month of almost regular use it's ok, but I don't really see any improvements. I also started testing Caffeine solution. I really hoped it will help my undereye area. So far it hasn't really done anything special, so I hope that with regular use it will get better. The other two products are still waiting, didn't want to overwhelm my skin with too many acids at once.

Oriflame invited me to a special presentation of their new Love Nature products. I was really impressed by the selecetion and the cute boutique like packaging. They offer products that are eco friendly and do not use plastic beads for their peeling products! To try out I got the Oriflame  Love Nature Exfoliating Shower Gel energising mint and raspberry*, Body lotion* and soap bar*. They smell amazing and I love the idea behind the scent combo! Feels very fresh and very summery and the same time! There will a full blog post for these as well!

One of the biggest surprises in the past month was served up by NIVEA! First they sent me a huge packaging, a super big box including a lot of different things! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat(username Saphira) than you already know. If not let me tell you that this was one of the most epic mails I have ever received. Anyway, waht I got was a bunch of useful and cute stuff! Than not long after I received some more stuff and i haven't taken photos of everything as it's a bit too much and beautywise irrelevant. I got to try out NIVEA Hairmilk tester for normal hair*, Hairmilk tester for thin hair*, new Care &Hold styling spray regenerating* (protects from sun), NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture sun lotion SPF 30 water resistant* + straw hat*, towel*, tshirt*, plug in car charger*, floating ball*, beach mat and a huge beach bag*. I am ready and equipped to hit the beach!

Loving the NIVEA Hairmilk products I got to try last year I kept telling myself I will repurchase the shampoo and conditioner as soon as possible. The chance I got was last month, I was running low on both and local DM store was having discounted prices. So naturally I went for Hairmilk Plus 7 express regeneration leave-in conditioner,  shampoo and conditioner for normal hair structure and dry, damaged hair. The new product is this spray leave-in conditioner that I actually like very much! It works well with my hair, conditions them well. My hair feel soft, smooth and hydrated, my hair ends really like it as well. Also it doesn't grease up my hair too fast and sinks into them well too! Great to have at hand when you are running low on time and can't afford to wait for a hair balm or mask to sink in.

From Essence I got to try some of their latest limited edition products. I have received Essence Next Stop Summer LE - colour changing lipstick  01 wish i was a mermaid*, 02 little miss sunshine*, travel bag tag*, stickers*. I have posted about these on my blog already and I am thinking of the two lipstick as a stained lip balm. I like them, will use them during holidays and such to get that xtra colour on my lips!

Some random bits that ended up at my home by the end of the month. No idea how they got there XD So, I am trying real hard to stay away from purchasing more lipsticks. So the two I bought last month were really just a treat for myself  than anything else. Fellow beauty blogger Ana from Beautysaur has been to KIKO store and I asked her to buy me this gorgeous lip gloss. KIKO makeup Milano 3D Hydra lipgloss 27 has the nicest pearly and cold shine ever! I love it so much! I like to wear it alone or on top of other lippies! The other lipstick I bought is Golden Rose Lip marker ultra longlasting color 104. Super impressed with the staying power of this one! Really stains the lips as well and lasts through eating or drinking! It must be because of the thin, light texture and the super rich pigmentation! Would love to get more shades, but the rest are too generic and don't really fit me. I was praising Trend It Up kajal liners in this post, so naturally had to go get another one. Opted for Trend It Up Contour & Glide  kajal  030. Love the bronzy brown shade, perfect for everyday wear! The last bit here is Essence  make me brow eyebrow mascara 02 browny brows. This was just a repurchase, a classic I use daily and need to have it at home at all times! The quickest way to creating some  more definition on my brows without actually drawing them in.

From Balea I got a three newbies. All of them are new to our stores. I went for Balea Waschgel with active charcoal and tissue face mask. Both look super black and dark, however the effect on the skin is pretty basic. I have only tried the wash gel so far and I like that it feels gentle on the skin. I do need to rinse a lot so I don't get my towels all black. Plus it doesn't seem to do anything for my skin. It feels gentle, but haven't noticed any skin improvement yet. Balea universal cream with vanilla and marshmallow scent is in a way a repurchase. I admit getting this one because of the cute packaging. I really like it! The texture of the cream is as per usual, thick but sinks into the skin well. I tend to use these creams as hand creams. I guess this one will do as one as well!

Another treat for my skin - Dove DermaSpa Summer revived bodylotion. Decided I don't want to look too white this summer, so I bought one of these body lotions and the other one was a gift with purchase. They are both meant for light to medium skin and they don't really build up dark and heavy colour. I am testing it out now, will see how it will work for me. I love the secnt of it!

I got super spoiled by AVON in May! Received so mayn amazing goodies! No need to get myself a new fragrance when I already have this one - AVON  Attraction Rush for her Eau de Parfum*. Attraction perfume is one of their best sellers and this is a new version and I think it smells a bit sweeter? :)

Another package contained lipsticks, nail polishes and bronzing pearls! They sent me their latest three shades of matte lipsticks in shades Rose Awakening*, Rouged Perfection*, Pink Passion*. I am really loving the Rouged Perfection, suits me so well! The best one from the bunch for my skin tone and preferences! Will definitely do a review for these, I love their matte lippies! For nails I got nail polish Mark  Pine-appled*, Daysie*, So Jelly* and Avon True Colour nailenamel  Perfect Pink*. Already tried out the So Jelly purple-ish shade and I love it! Also the Perfect Pink is gonna be great for this summer! Pastel pink with a white-ish look! Last item I got are AVON Glow bronzing pearls in shade  Radiant glow*.  Haven't gotten around to testing these out yet, but last year I got to try the other ones, the more peachy tones ones and I liked them!

To finish of this super long post are a huge pile of Afrodita Cosmetics products! I admit, I have not started testing these out yet. I am just at home or at work, so I don't need sunscreen yet! I will update you on these products as I go and try them out! I have received Afrodita Cosmetics  Sun Care fast tanning jam 100 % bronze skin*, Fast tanning jam dry oil with glitter*, Sun Care body yogurt  with 100% coconut water after sun skin care*, After sun milk ice effect aloe vera & provitamin B5*, Sunscreen Milk SPF 30*, Sunscreen Milk SPF 20 water resistant*, Sunscreen milk spray SPF 10*, Sun Care dry oil sun protection anti age SPF 6 water resistant*,  Facial sunscreen spf 30 for sensitive skin* and sunscreen SPF 25 Age defence*, Sun Care Kids sunscreen milk SPF 30* and sunscreen cream SPF 30, both water resistant*. I am super grateful to the them for the lovely event and also all of the goodies! They will be put to good use this summer! I think my whole family will get to try them out when we go to the beach and such!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes!


  1. Oooh se ena navdusenka nad Essence Make me brow, nisem vedela :) Baleino masko bi pa ful mela, samo zato, ker je crna <3

  2. Dermablend si že nekaj časa želim preizkusit. Predvsem, če je res tako dobro prekriven. Je pa pri nas bolj težje dobit kakšne testerje. Vsaj v naših lekarnah je to skoraj mission impossible. Me res zanima tvoja ocena :). Kot tudi za vse The Ordinary izdelke. Od tvojih nakupov imam sama samo niacinamide in so mi še kar všeč zdaj za vroče dni. Se mi zdi, da nimam tako velikih por in manj sem mastna.

    Letos si pa založena z SPF :D. Ful lep paket od Niveje - s klobukom <3

    Essence brow mascara je tudi meni všeč. Sicer jo bolj uporabljam v kombinaciji s svinčnikom. Da jih na koncu še malo počešem :D. Kiko lip glos je res super za nekaj drugačnega. Avonov parfum je res bolj sladek kot original. Meni so ti ful všeč. Od kar sem ga dobila, skoraj samo še tega uporabljam :D.

    1. In ful te je bilo lepo spoznat zadnjič. <3 Zdaj lahko še glasove povežem z našimi komentarji :D.


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