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News from February 2016

essence stands for trendy, unique and high-quality cosmetics products! Setting your own trends and individually determining your style – day after day! essence stands for a clear NO to animal testing and YES to the best possible quality at particularly favorable prices so that you can always try out new looks. Innovative products, the most fashionable colours of the season and high-quality textures – now girls won’t just look good, they’ll feel great, too! essence – Europe’s number 1 cosmetics brand. As of February, the spring/summer season is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed! The coming season is going to be colorful – but nude, pastel and smokey looks will also continue to flatter all beauties. One of the biggest trends is white in all its facets, no matter whether it is applied as eyeliner, eyeshadow or on your nails. Lots of product highlights are coming this spring/summer. New mascaras provide extreme volume while glossy lipbalms pamper the lips. Combination products create a perfectly contoured complexion. Always wanted: the new itnail polishes in trendy, light nuances, but also in bold colours and metallic effects. essence never fails to surprise with its unique products and is sure to make all girls stand out from the crowd. You'll find more information about the essence brand and its many product innovations as well as plenty of make-up tips and exciting activities and raffles on Also absolutely worth a visit: Daily creative and inspiring posts – with exciting tutorials, cool videos, interesting news and all about the world of essence on Facebook and Instagram
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I soft metals eyeshadow

Softie. Colour effects and a metallic finish – two big trends of the season united in the new I ♥ soft metals eyeshadows. The baked yet creamy texture turns slightly powdery upon application and offers an intensive colour-dispersion. Available in colours like gold, rosé or brown and in a total of nine versions.

I colour intensifying eyeshadow base

Like velvet! With a soft, especially supple texture in colours like nude, burgundy or grey, the new velvet eyeshadows put the focus on the eyes. With a trendy, chequered embossment on the surface. Available in a total of nine colours.

dip eyeliner / dip eyeliner waterproof

Straight line. Easy to apply, the new dip eyeliner allows a multitude of eyeliner looks. The deepblack texture offers perfect coverage, is longlasting and also available in a waterproof version.

2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner

Eyeshadow or eyeliner? Both! The conical shape of the mine is easy to apply as an eyeliner and can be used as an eyeshadow, too. No matter whether natural or intensive – everything is possible with the 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner. It comes in it-colours like black, nude and mauve with matt, shimmering or satin effects. Available in a total of six colours.

the velvets eyeshadow

Like velvet! With a soft, especially supple texture in colours like nude, burgundy or grey, the new velvet eyeshadows put the focus on the eyes. With a trendy, chequered embossment on the surface. Available in a total of nine colours.

liquid ink eyeliner

Statement eyeliner looks are now created with the new liquid ink eyeliner.The selection: four cool "the darks" in dark shades like bronze or purple and effects ranging from holographic to metallic. And as a contrasting colour, there’s a shiny mother-of-pearl white. For subtle daily looks or party styles. Available in a total of five colours.

forbidden volume mascara /forbidden volume rebel mascara

So good, it should be forbidden! The new duo for dramatic volume without clumping. The conic fiber brush of the forbidden volume mascara creates incredibly voluminous lashes – with just one application. More and more: the “rebel” version offers even more intense, instant volume thanks to the special design of the fiber brush with alternating shorter and longer fibers. No limit!

forbidden volume false lash mascara topcoat

False lashes? There’s no need with this topcoat! Enriched with black fibers, it can be applied on top of any mascara. A cool combination product – also for use with the two forbidden volume mascaras – to create an intensive, dramatic look with a false-lash effect.

rock’n’doll mascara

Next superstar! The slightly curved fiber brush of the new rock΄n΄doll mascara provides breathtaking volume. It reaches each individual lash to ensure an eyeopening effect. Incredible, sweeping lashes… on stage or on the street.

superfine eyeliner pen waterproof

Accurate work. As of February, the superfine eyeliner pen will be available in a waterproof version. The precision pen has an extremely slim applicator with a felt tip to create thin as well as broad eyeliner styles. Longer lasting than ever before thanks to the waterproof texture.

eyebrow gel colour & shape

Colour and shape! The new eyebrow gel perfectly forms and accentuates the brows. The gel leaves behind a pleasant, powdery finish and long-lasting results. Available in one colour that suits most eyebrows – natural brown.

eyebrow topcoat waterproof
The eyebrow hype continues! With this new topcoat, brow style is about to get waterproof! No matter whether it’s an eyebrow pencil, mascara, powder or gel – the brow make-up is sure to be set in place, stay in shape and can even survive sporting activities like swimming


colour boosting lipstick

More colour. Want to intensify the colour of your favorite lipstick? No problem. This white lipstick has a strong coverage and can be worn alone as an eye-catcher or underneath any colour lipstick as a base for even more intensive colour results.

2in1 lipstick & liner
Duo artist: lipstick and liner in one! The smooth texture of this multi-talent feels pleasantly soft on the lips, offers high coverage and a shiny finish. For defined lip contours or rich colour – or both – in shades like orange, pink or nude. Available in a total of five colours.

glossy stick lip colour / velvet stick matt lip colour

Go gloss or go matt! The glossy sticks provide a shiny finish while the velvet sticks offer silky-matt results. The soft texture with a high coverage comes in a practical mini-format – thanks to the large tip, application is quick and easy. They come in delicate as well as intense colours including light rosé, fuchsia and berry. Available in a total of ten colours – five glossy sticks and five velvet sticks.

BB beauty balm lipgloss

BB for lips. The new beauty balms nourish the lips with shea butter and vitamin E to make them feel soft and supple. In addition to the care factor, the light texture also provides a gorgeous shine with subtle colourdispersion. Thanks to the slanted applicator, the balmy lipgloss is quick and easy to apply. Available in a total of five colours.

glossy kiss lipbalm
Tasty: the glossy kiss lipbalms have an ultra-light, caring formula. They give the lips a gorgeous shine and come in various delicious fruity fragrances. The packaging is colour-matched and the colour of the kissing lips shows the fruity fragrance version. Available in a total of five colours.

prettifying lip oil
Oil you want. Enriched with jojoba oil to provide the lips with intensive moisture. The light, non-sticky texture offers a subtle-colour shine in pink, red or apricot. Available in a total of three colours.


stay all day translucent fixing powder

Dreaming of a natural and matt complexion that lasts all day? The new, ultra-fine stay all day translucent fixing powder remains invisible on the skin and sets the whole make-up without weighing it down. Thanks to its translucent colour, the loose powder adapts perfectly to every skin tone without affecting the colour of the foundation.

colour correcting mattifying powder
Uneven skin tone? Balance it out! The new colour correcting mattifying powder smooths out any colour differences for a fresh and healthylooking complexion. The colour-ABC: pink refreshes a tired complexion, green neutralizes redness and beige mattifies  while supporting the natural skin tone. The three colours in a trendy splashdesign mix during application – for an even finish. Available in a total of two colour versions.

pure NUDE highlighter
Reflection of light! There’s a newbie in the popular NUDE family this February: the highlighter. The soft, baked powder texture with a slightly marbled effect brings a subtle shimmer to the face. Ideal for a healthy look with a glow!

shape your face contouring palette

1, 2, 3 – perfect contours! This palette unites everything you need for the contouring trend. The matt bronzer visibly recedes skin areas while the matt highlighter accentuates them to make your best features stand out. The blush with a subtle shimmer adds a fresh touch. Available in a total of two nuances for lighter and darker skin types.

blush ball
Ball-shaped. The baked powder texture of the blush ball can be applied directly on the cheeks thanks the domed shape and the practical packaging. Simply blend using your finger to add a fresh touch to the cheeks in apricot, fuchsia and a bronze shade. Ideal when you’re on-the-go. Available in a total of three colours.

mosaic blush
Mix it. Three perfectly matched colours are assembled like a mosaic and mix upon application to create an individual shade. Ranging from bright coral tones to warm bronze-gold to cool rosé, there’s a blush to suit every skin type. Available in a total of four colours.

…all I need concealer palette

One for all. This new concealer palette offers five different colours for a variety of combinations: simply mix them to suit the skin tone. Pink and yellow – as complementary colours to purple – reduce dark circles under the eyes, green neutralizes redness and the lighter and darker beige shades have a mattifying effect. The creamy, powdery texture is easy to apply and blend. The palette is a true make-up pro and belongs in any cosmetics bag!

soft touch mousse concealer
Looking tired? No way! A matching concealer is now joining the successful soft touch mousse make-up range. The creamy, mousse texture with a high pigmentation practically melts with the skin to hide dark circles under the eyes as well as skin irregularities. Available in a premium glass jar in a total of two nuances.

contouring brush

Contour-hero. It’s best to use professional tools for contouring and shading – like the new contouring brush. With circular movements, the uniquely shaped brush with firm, straight bristles can even blend harder lines. And because they are synthetic bristles, this brush is also extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

mini kabuki brush
Little companion! The kabuki brush is getting support in the shape of a cute mini-version.The small and handy brush with super-soft bristles is sure to fit into any purse. It is suitable for all powder textures and a true space-saving miracle.

fan brush
FANcy. The unique form of the broad fan brush turns it into a specialist for the smooth application of bronzing and highlighter powder. Due to the ultra-flat shape, the bristles capture just the right amount of loose powder so that it blends easily. Available in bright yellow, it’s an it-piece for every brush kit!

keep it perfect! make-up fixing spray

Stay gorgeous! Perfectly fixed with just one spray. The light, transparent formula of the make-up fixing spray lies on the make-up like a protective layer and ensures a long-lasting finish. It has a refreshing effect, won’t weigh down the skin and is fragrance-free.

brush cleansing spray
Stay clean! Here comes the brush cleansing spray to keep all the fabulous essence brushes clean. Simply spray the cleansing spray on the brush bristles and then gently wipe the brush on a cloth to remove any make-up residue. After drying, the brush is ready for use again! With a pleasant, fresh scent.

concealer & make-up sponges

Special sponge. A targeted and accurate application of concealer and make-up textures has never been so simple! The cute heart-shaped sponges can be separated in two in the middle - the resulting drop shape can even reach difficult areas like the inner eye or around the nose. No matter whether liquid, mousse or creamy – these pastel sponges are suitable for the streak-free application of all textures. A great travel helper, too.

powder puff
Powder partner! Using the soft powder puff, the face is mattified in no time at all – and it’s perfectly suitable for compact as well as loose powder textures. The size of the powder puff is adjusted to the packaging of the new stay all day translucent powder in a way that makes it possible to carry the puff perfectly inside the jar. Comes in a pouch with two powder puffs.


I TRENDS nail polish the jellys

Jelly joy! The cheerful "the jellys" are joining the I ♥ TRENDS nail polish range just in time for the spring season. Seven summery red and pink shades create an exciting wet-look thanks to their longlasting gel-like texture. Available in  a total of seven colours.

I TRENDS nail polish the porcelains
Unique. The new I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the porcelains are available in exciting colours including nude, mint green and dark grey. Black micro pigments in the nail polish texture create a unique, slightly greyish effect – the shiny finish is reminiscent of porcelain surfaces. The formula has a high coverage for durable nail styles. As elegant and beautiful as porcelain! Available in a total of seven colours.

I TRENDS nail polish the whites

Wow-white. Seven gorgeous white nuances are absolute favorites this spring. Matt, shimmering and shiny results and various nuances show the colour white in all its facets. With a longlasting formula for durable styles. Available in a total of seven colours.

turn it…! top coat
Effectful. With the turn it…! top coats, you can transform the character of any nail polish to give it a mood like “romantic” or “icy”. Different colours and shimmering effects create an expressive finish. Available in a total of five colours.ž

all that shimmers top coat

Bling bling. The all that shimmers topcoat turns the nails into true stars! Small, shiny and light-reflecting particles give any nail polish a beautiful glow.

gummy touch top coat
Gummy-like! With its milky texture that becomes transparent once it’s dry, the gummy touch topcoat turns the finish of any nail polish into soft-matt with a surprising rubber effect. Ideal for lots of nail art ideas.

2in1 base & top coat

Base & Top! Ideal as a basis for a smooth colour manicure or as a topcoat for longlasting nail art designs. The special multifunctional formula is a true all-rounder. Used as a topcoat, it seals and protects the nails. For best results: apply one layer as a base coat and another as a topcoat to set the manicure in place.

crushed ice top coat

Frozen nails. This new topcoat gives the nail structure an unusual crushed ice look. A cool finish – and not just on hot days.

vintage style top coat
The Instagram filter for your nails! This new topcoat contains various flakes that add a beautiful sepia vintage touch to any nail polish. Totally fascinating for a trendy retro-touch.

studio nails green power strengthener

Nail shield! The new formula has been specially developed to meet the needs of soft, brittle nails and contains 80% organically-derived ingredients including pistachios, which strengthen the surface of the nails. The green power strengthener acts like a protective shield.

studio nails growth booster
Run up. The growth booster delivers on its promises! Thanks to the highly effective keratin ingredients, it improves the structure of the nail surface within a short period of time, promotes natural nail-growth and ensures stronger nails as they grow longer.

colour & care strengthening nail polish

So natural. This nail polish is enrichedwith natural ingredients to strengthen the nails and provide them with beautiful colour reflections in soft, creamy nuances like nude, vanilla and mint green at the same time! Available in a total of five colours.

studio nails pro white active
Bright nails – are easy to achieve with the pro white active nail whitener. The formula is enriched with lemon extract to offer a natural anti-yellowing effect. Its slightly purple texture visibly lightens and used as a base coat, it protects the nails from discoloration – especially when applying dark polishes.

nails in style

Classic or almond-shaped? The new artificial nails are here! They come in two different sizes and colours: rosy nude in a cool almond shape and trendy white in a classic shape. The nails can be worn as they come or to create your own designs: simply polish them or apply the six included nail stickers. Available in two versions – a set contains twelve artificial nails and six stickers.

file & smile mini nail files
Happy shaping! The tiny files are just what you need when a nail breaks off or simply needs a little shape. The twelve super cute mini-files with heartwarming messages are sure to bring a smile to your face. The packaging in a funny matchbox design and neon colours is ideal for use on the go or as a small present


cut-out manicure stencils
A fashion statement for the nails! These stencils bring the latest nail art trend to the nails: negative space. Selected areas of the nail remain unpolished to create geometric designs together with the polished areas. From stripes to triangles, hearts or squares, the stencils offer endless design options. 51-piece set.

3in1 profi nail pen

Trio-tool! The new nail pen unites three benefits in one product. The specially shaped cap can be used to push back the cuticles, and it also contains an integrated file to keep the nails in the desired shape. And last but not least, the remover removes nail polish residues. For an all-round successful manicure – even when you’re on the go.

quick & easy nail polish remover pads
Manicure partner. The pads soaked in nail polish remover make the removal of nail polish easier than ever! They come in a practical packaging and the acetone-free formula won’t dry out the nails. With a fresh, fruity scent. 30 pads.

rich & smooth hand & nail balm
Intensive. The balm ensures healthylooking hands as well as pampered nails and cuticles. Enriched with calming allantoin and vitamin E, the formula provides the skin with the moisture it needs without leaving behind a sticky sensation. 75 ml.

intense moisture hand lotion
Moisturizing. This lotion provides intense moisture for dry hands. The light formula contains nourishing vitamin E and provitamin B5 to restore the natural moisture level of the skin and protect it from daily outside influences.75 ml.

repair & protect hand cream
Protective! This caring hand cream with coconut oil and shea butter provides 24- hour protection for smooth, supple hands. 75 ml.

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