Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NEW in August :)

Hello! I am back after a long time of not posting at all with a new one, this time about my newbies from August :) I had a very busy time for a couple of weeks now and little time or will to post. And since August already passed and I still haven't shared my newbies with you this is the first post that needs to be done :) I did some shopping, most of it online, as I had little time to go to stores..

Let's see the list:
- L'Oreal Paris Elseve Arginine resist x3 Light Strengthening shampoo
- Bourjois Healthy Mix serum gel foundation in 51 Vanilla clair
- Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation in 52 Vanilla
- Bourjois Happy Light concealer in 21 Ivore
- Catrice All matt plus shine control powder in 010 Transparent
- Catrice Velvet matt eyeshadow in 040 Al Burgundy
- Catrice Kohl kajal in 190 Cleopetrol
- I love makeup Blushing hearts triple baked blusher in blushing heart
- I love makeup Wow! gloss in  Naked all day
- Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 07
- L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in 200 Princess and 102 Romy
- Deborah Milano laque in shade 2
- Maybelline Superstay 14hr lipstick in 260 Always plum
- Essence Pureskin anti-spot toner&powder
- Derma E tea tree and E antiseptic face cream
- The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost
- The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
- MaxFactor facefinity all day primer
- Caudalie Beauty elixir 30 ml
- Ecotools Fresh&Flawless five piece complexion set

So starting with face... I bought two new Bourjois foundations, both have been bought second hand and barely tested, so I got full bottles, for the price of one (regular price in stores)... I got Flower perfection in shade 52 Vanilla, because I had a chance  and it didn't cost much plus I heard it has nice coverage, which is half true for me.. Next to it is another one by Bourjois, Healthy Mix serum foundation in 51, perfect shade for winter time when I am even more pale than usual.. so now I can really say I will test all the Bourjois foundations everyone has been talking about so much.. I know I am way behind others, since most of these products have been on the market for some time now, but to me it's a pleasure that needs to be explored. Also by Bourjois is this incredible concealer that I really loved, this is my second purchase and I got it on sale at DM store, I think it's still available for 5,99 euros.. Than also second hand I have new face primer by MaxFactor, and it's really good actually, I like it a lot, especially to use it in combination with the Bourjois 123 foundation. To finish off my face I bought Catrice All Matt plus shine control powder, since I was running out of my Bourjois one. This costs less than 4 euros and does the job pretty well..

On to eyes... I have bought new Catrice products for this season fall/winter 2014. I got a kohl kajal pencil in shade Cleopetrol and I really love it, creamy, glides on well, shade is amazing deep petrol bluish .... Next to is a mono matt eyeshadow, which is unfortunately not a good buy.. the pigmentation of this product simply sucks.. I am really not satisfied with this one, it should be deep purple, but it looks grey and black and the purple particles gather together in one spot and I can not make it blend with other shades..

To test I received from Lič a package containing this cute heart shaped blusher and a nude lipgloss which is actually really good, not sticky, natural, not too pale, not too browny,.. Reviews of these two products will be up soon, probably with the products I got the previous time, also from Lič :)

Lip time! My favourite topic to talk about... :D I have some newbies and I love them! I bought Deborah Milano laque in shade 2, a very daily liquid lipstick. Pretty good product, but the consistency of this one is very different to the other two shades I have by this brand and I don't like this one as much as I do the other two.. Than I have here Clarins lipgloss I traded for some of my stuff I didn't need and didn't use. This is very gentle and a bit shiny and shimmery, but also very daily and so far I have liked it. Next to it are two L'Oreal Shine Caresse liquid lipsticks, basically the same thing as the Deborah one, but much more liquidy and less intense in colours. I bought these two new, but second hand for less than is the regular price for one in the stores... quite a win :) I wanted to try these for some time, but than decided to buy the Deborah ones first :) Last one here is one I wanted for a long time now, Lisa Eldridge mentioned this one in one of her videos and I had to try it. It's by Maybelline, Superstay 14h lipstick in shade Always plum and it's perfetc for fall :) I really like this one :) I already have one shade from this collection and they are not very hydrating and smooth, but the shades last and are really good with pigmentation. Got it at, at summer sales :)

A lonely product for hair this month.. a shampoo by L'Oreal Elseve, called Arginine resist. I actually got this at the end of July, but forgot to include it, so by now this shampoo is already empty. I liked it, feels light and does the job well, but doesn't cause any problems with my scalp or hair, makes them feel very soft and smells nice. Maybe I will repurchase :)

Some treats for my face :) I needed a new toner and I didn't want to pay a lot of money so I decided to give it a try, it says it's a toner&powder and should be offering a more matte look after it dries on your face. Let's just say it's an ok toner, unfortunately with too much alcohol so probably I won't repeat the purchase. Next to it is a face cream by Derma E, my first product by this brand and I have been waiting for this cream to arrive since the beginning of June.. I thought I made a normal order, turned out it was a preorder and than I had to wait even longer than they said I would.. Got it at BB natura online store, I don't think I will repeat the purchase. With the wait and all it's basically the same as ordering from iHerb.. It's a tea tree oil and vitamin E cream, antiseptic and should help prevent more outbreaks and pimples. but honestly so far I have not noticed any progres.. Maybe I haven't picked the right product but I honestly don't see why all the praises for Derma E..  Next to it is my new favourite product for face, by Caudalie and it's theirs Beauty elixir, the small packaging 30 ml. I really wanted to try some Caudalie products so I ordered from when they had summer sales and I really like this. I use it every day before I apply my foundation, as a toner. Can be also used to refresh your look or as makeup fixator. Can not say yet it has any specific effect on my skin, but it does help keep my foundation in place, Last two prodicts are by The Body Shop, bought second hand. They were barely used so I decided to give it a try. I got Vitamin C collection Microdermabrasion which I love and makes my skin feel really soft and amazingly clean and also serum which actually makes my skin look more even and tightens the pores a bit.. So far I've been loving these two :)

Last one I forgot to include... also a purchase from is this set of brushes by Eco Tools :) I have been using daily these three: buffing concealer brush, complexion blending brush (for blusher actually) and full powder brush for powder. The other two I still need to try, but I really love this collection, small, compact, has everything you need to make your face look perfect, plus the design is simply too pretty not to have these :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Derma E tea tree kremca meni nikakor ne pomaga pri preprečevanju nečistoč, je pa super ko se te loti kakšna rdečica, suha koža ali pa opekline od sonca - to pa skoraj čez noč izgine če jo uporabiš.
    Tale set čopiče si pa jaz zdajle na iHerb ogledujem in me kar mika in si ga bom najverjetneje privoščila :)

    1. Ja sama po sebi ni slaba tale krema, ampak za nečistoče res ni, preprečuje pa jih tudi ne.. Ja super je tale setek, edino kar sem bila razočarana je da so tako majhni, sem mislila da so držala daljša in dlakice čopičev malo daljše ampak se tudi s temi da super delat :)

  2. Derma E krema je mene tudi zanimala, zdaj pa jo bom raje opustila:) Ecotools čopiče pa sem že enkrat želela naročiti. Imam samo en njihov čopič in je super. A so ti tudi zelo mehki?

    1. Mjah, ne vem no, mogoče bi res morala izbrat kak drug izdelek, ampak tale me ni pretirano navdušil. So zelo mehki čopiči, poleg tega da so zelo lepi :)

  3. Uuu ti čopiči pa res vabljivo izgledajo :)

  4. Čopiči so zelo lepi :) tudi ostale pridobitve so super!

    1. Hvala, vidim da so čopiči zmagovalci meseca avgusta :P


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