Monday, November 11, 2013

NEW in October & some chat :)

Hello there! I'm finally back! I've been away from posting for way too long now, I really missed it :) Now I'm back on track, starting with this post, presenting you my newest makeup :) I have finally managed to get my own computer and photoshop and everything finally works :P I can finally write and post and make watermark and little corrections on the photos .... :D It feels good to be back :)  October was quite a long month.. and just when I thought I was being good, and not spending too much money on stuff I don't need, I realised that October was quite a lipstick month XD Just look at all my newbies!

By the way, this is my 195th post here and I'm preparing a little something for you guys, a little giveaway :) When I reach 200th post  be ready, I'm preparing  a very nice giveaway :) Keep checking up, the number two hundred will pop up pretty soon :P

Let's start with a list of all new products :)
- Balea, Limited edition Diamanten traum shower gel
- Schwarzkopf, Gliss Kur hair repair, oil nutritive fluid for hair tips
- Schwarzkopf, Gliss hair repair, Ultimate repair express-repair-conditioner for very damaged, dry hair
- Konad, Art Make-up brush, eyeshadow brush 02
- Konad, Drawing Style Eyebrow pencil in Brown04
- Avon, Colortrend, coloured mascara in shade Violet sizzle
- Deborah Milano, Eye Design Quad in shade 04 Each and Every Rose
- Naomi Campbell, Queen of Gold, eau de parfum 30 ml
- Uma Cosmetics, Fixing compact powder
- Uma Cosmetics, Matt lipsgloss in shade Vanilla Flirt
- Terra Naturi, Lipgloss in shade 04 Cherry
- Terra Naturi, Lipstick in shade 10 Light Bronze
- S-he, Volume-up lipgloss in shade 142/217 (I'm not sure if this is correct, there's no other number)
- L'Oreal, Glam Shine Fresh lipgloss in shade 507 Fresh Grenadine
- Avon Cosmetics, lipstick in shade Camel
- Avon Cosmetics, Colortrend, lipstick in shade  Coco Kiss
- Avon Cosmetics, Colortrend, lipstick in shade Lioness
- MaxFactor, Colour Elixir lipstick in shade 745 Burnt Caramel
- Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine in shade 467 Pygmalion
- Barry M, Shadow & Blush Natural Glow palette
- Balea, Body lotion,  Cocos&Shea butter
- BH Cosmetics, 66 Color palette lip gloss
- Revlon, Colorburst Lip Butter in shade 050 Berry Smoothie
- Revlon, Colorburst Lip Butter in shade 040 Red Velvet
- Catrice, Rocking Royals LE, Liplocking base

Ok, so since I have so many things, I decided I'll try to start with things I got at the beginning of October :) Barry M released their first eyeshadow palettes and there are three awailable :) I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it! I simply had to have it! I love the colour choice, the packaging, the mirror inside, the size is perfect also for those on the go. It's  a winning combo and I love using this one for everyday looks :) I got this one at Lič in a package together with Konad eyeshadow brush, eyebrow pencil and Uma matte lipgloss. All together was around 15 euros, which is a pretty good deal :) I also added to the shopping cart this Uma powder, because I was looking for a transparent fixing powder in a compact shape so I can take it with me at all times and the addition of Konad eyebrow pencil didn't hurt, since I didn't have any such product before. The brush is always something useful, so I was pretty satisfied with this buy :)

This Uma matte lipgloss will be a part of the upcoming giveaway, so stay tuned and maybe you'll get it ;)

I had a 30% discount in DM stores on decorative cosmetics and I really wanted another one of these quattro eyeshadows from Deborah. This is my third one so far and I've been loving all three very much! I know I have a million eyeshadows already but this I simply could not resist, look at the colours! XD

Also at the end of September I have ordered from Avon Cosmetics and I have decided on violet mascara and three lipsticks... until they arrived I have already bought some from Terra Naturi, but more about that later. Since I  got the products from a catalogue, I just hoped they would be good and I must say I am not as satisfied as I hoped to be. The mascara is too light and doesn't really do anything, the colour is not purple enough, more like light blue. The lipsticks are ok - one is very good for every day, shade Lioness, but it's also very transparent so not very visible... Coco Kiss is a great browny shade, but a bit too strong so it's hard to use it often, because it simply does not fit. The third lipstick in shade Camel  is a bit too orangey and too glittery for me, so I kinda don't like to use it.... As for the texture and the pigmentation of the lipsticks - pretty good :) Too bad the shades I chose are not my best fit.

Avon, shade Camel

Avon, shade Lioness

Avon, shade Coco Kiss

While waiting for the package to arrive  I saw in Muller stores that Terra Naturi has some new shades and I wanted to try them. I got myself one lipstick in shade 10 Light bronze and a lipgloss in shade 04 Cherry. Well honestly these two were a really bad buy.. I don't like either of them very much, the gloss is kinda ok, but fades away very quicly. The lipstick is really bad, all goes into the cracks on my lips... texture and pigmentation are really bad, I really don't recommend this.

These two lipglosses .. I admit they were just impulsive buys.. I liked them when I saw them in the store.. so I bought them. The S-he one is very lightly pinky-nude like coloured and I love the tinngly feeling when applied :) The L'Oreal one I got on 50% discount, because they are going to change the range and the new lipglosses ( more like liquid lipstick) are already available... I've got my eyes set on two shades ( one is Juliet and the other I forgot the name) from the new collection... I hope to get them, or at least one of them :)

So after being disappointed with Terra Naturi and  not so much satisfied with Avon lipsticks, I got my first MaxFactor lipstick, from Colour Elixir range and I fell in love with it in an instant! The texture, the colour, the pigmentation, the scent! I love it all :) I already got myself another shade, which I'll present to you in NEW in November post ;) I really recommend this one, if you can find a shade that fits you, go and try them :)

Also another little diamond of the month is this Coco Chanel lipstick from  Rouge Coco Shine, this summers limited edition in shade 467 Pygmalion! It looks very pink and very strong but it's actually very sheer and I love to wear it to work or just to go anywhere these days! I'm kinda into pink lippies lately and this one was perfect for me! I got it second hand but I love it anyway! :D

And my lipstick obsession does not end there! At the end of september I ordered together with my friend, also from Lič and I bought this lip palette. The main reason I got it is because I wanted to play and experiment a bit :) I want to see what colour really suit me best, compare, take photos and simply have fun with it! :) I'll post a big and long story on this one and on the shades that fit me best :)

To finish up the month of my lipsticks obsession.... I got an extra 70% discount at slovenian web store Click2Chic, but since I wasn't sure what to get.. I decided to start checking up on my wishlist and I kinda decided that these two Revlon Lip butters are the best choice to get :) So now I have five all together, and I love them! Also, just by chance I stumbled upon almost empty Catrice limited edition stand, and there it was... the last lip base and I got it! :P I was thinking it might help me with all my lipsticks, they might last longer with it... I still have to try it though. :)

Also not to forget to mention - I had to buy some hair treatment products, since I ran out of the previous ones. I really love these Gliss sprays and I never had this one before, so I wanted to try it. It really makes my hair shiny and nicely looking, however, I find it a bit too greasy for me. The next day my hair doesn't look so fresh anymore and I don't know what to do about it.. I apply a really tiny amount of the product. The fluid for split ends, Gliss Kur is really a good product, does what it promises, without looking greasy and with a very pleasant scent :)

As for body care I tried to buy as little as possible, since body lotions, creams and shower gels are very well stocked ... I really couldn't resist these two though, both smell amazingly! I recommend them both, of course if your skin is not too sensitive too perfumes :)

To finish  previous month, just a quick comment on my new perfume - Queen Of Gold. As the name already suggests this one is pretty royal! I love the scent, I simply fell in love with this one and I had to have it! Since I had a bit of discount on this one I don't feel so guilty for treating myself with this one, but I try to use all my perfumes more regularly. I don't want them to get too old and smell of alcohol too soon :)

Thanks for reading! 

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Waw, super pridobitve! Chanel šminka, večna <3
    Drugače pa ta dva Gliss izdelka za lase sta mega!

  2. Hvala :) Seveda, tale je Chanelova šmika je super, sem zelo zadovoljna :) Meni je fluid mogoče celo boljši kot sprej, moram se še naučiti dozirati sprej :)

  3. Great shopping you've done in the last month! :) If I could recommend you something, Poly. If you have damaged hair, best for detangling them and good for your hair would be Dove Intense (now Intensive) Repair series - shampoo, conditioner, express conditioner and now there is also a 2-phase-spray conditioner. I haven't tried only the last product in spray and I have to say that this little group of products is the best for me - number 1, absolutely!

    1. Thanks :) I don't think Dove for hair is available here in Slovenia, we only have body care... I'll go check if maybe I missed something :) Thanks for the idea :)

  4. OH koliko stvari! Revlon lip butter-ji so zakon, pa ta Chanel šminka- oh <3

    1. Hehehe, ja vedno uspem pretiravati pri nakupih :P Meni je tudi tale Chanelova super, upam da jo kmalu uspem poslikat in narest objavo :)

  5. Same lepe stvari, komaj čakam swatche. Jaz sem tudi dobila popust na click2chic pa me mika nakup, ampak sem si rekla, da ne smem zapravljati. :/

    Če bi rada preizkusila izdelke Dove za lase, jih poišči v Müllerju, tam so na voljo. :D

    1. Hvala :) Hehe, jaz se nikakor nisem mogla zadržat, sploh pri Revlonu - vedno je nekaj od njih na wishlisti :)

      Hvala za info, bom preverila v Mullerju ko mi zmanjka stvari doma :)


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