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Le Couvent Des Minimes - EAU SEREINE :)

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I usually try to use classic, daily description words for products, but this post may have a lot of words such as awesome, amazing, perfection and even holy grail, as the products I am going to talk about are just that and exactly that! I have finally a full blog post about the Eau Sereine collection by Le Couvent Des Minimes! If you want to know if these are worth purchasing - read on!

I was quite lucky to get invited to the presentation of the new collection back in March. I have posted about the event here and as you can see I had a lovely time! And also I was already in love! I half expected to get bored of the scent as I usually do and then I stop using it for about half a year or even a whole year... But not this time! This time I am very much in love, I use this almost daily and I would repurchase in an instant!


This is one of my favourite products in the last couple of months. I have been using it regularly, I have been loving it all this time and I am kinda sad to see it half empty already. So this is a cologne, it's not a perfume and it's not EdT. The packaging is simple glass bottle with blue label and you get the spray system added in the box and you can choose to put it on or not. I love this as they really let you do whatever you want with the bottle, plus it's easier to recycle it later and use it for something else. I will be definitely keeping my bottle! You get 100 ml inside and the price depends a bit on where you buy it. I bought mine at Nama store in Ljubljana, but you can also get it at Muller. The price is 29,90 euros, but at the time I had a coupon and spent a bit less than 20 euros for it.

The scent is just such a pleasure! It includes  notes of mandarin, bergamot orange, lavander and cedar. Because of these it's a perfect mix of freshness and feels very reviving and calming at the same time. 

I have also tried the hand cream and the Pillow Mist from the collection, which all have the same scent as the cologne! I know that some might see this as a weird comment to make, of course they will smell the smae, they are from the same collection. But sometimes it still happend that the shower gel and the lotion don't completely match, for example. I have not tried the shower gel and  foaming bath gel from the Eau Sereine collection, however the shower gel is on my wishlist!

The cologne doesn't last very long on me, or at least I can not smell it anymore, but others still can. I usually stop sensing it completely after two hours of wear but my boyfriend usually still smells it. The pillow mist is a lighter than  cologne, as it's supposed to be a relaxing product but funny, I can smell it on my clothes and pillow for hours. Maybe I spray more of it or it just lingers better on clothes and linen. 

The cologne is really perfection for spring/summer months, when I tend to use fresh scents, more citrus scents and also I use a lot more lavander scented products. Sadly it doesn't last so well on me, but I have read and talked to other beauty bloggers who find this lasts on them really well! Maybe I just use too little or I get too used of the scent. I like to take it with me when I'm gone whole day, so I can reapply it. 


I have received one hand cream along with the pillow mist and another one as a gift with purchase, when I bought the cologne. I loved these as well! The scent is the same, as mentioned above, The texture was nice, just right thickness, non greasy and very well hydrating. I have added the cream on my wishlist to repurchase as well.  It hydrates my skin without being greasy and sis absorbed fast, which is great for a hand cream on the go. I had the small 10 ml versions, which were also handy to carry around in my bag. 


The pillow mist is in smaller packaging, more round designed glass bottle with the same black cap on top and spray dispenser, but still includes 100 ml of product. I love to use it on my bed and especially on my pillow, a couple of minutes before going to bed. I Sometimes spray it all over my room, to give it a bit of freshness and fresh air. I also love to spray it on me, after shower or just in the middle of the day to refresh. I always keep the pillow mist on my desk so it's always on hand. It's a super relaxing product  that actually helps me calm down in the evening and clear my mind. It's a bit in the ritual, a bit in my head and a bit because of the product, but the whole mix really helps calm down and get into sleep mode. My boyfriend also liked the scent and never complains if I spray it on his pillow as well. The scent of this collection is really citrusy and fresh, not too floral and the lavander isn't too overpowering. It doesn't smell of old ladies perfume  and the citrus sombo really helps it being a bit more universal and unisex. ;)

You can use the cologne Eau Sereine as a perfume or cologne, just apply it on your neck, behind the ears and hand and enjoy the scent. I like to spray it all over my hair as well. As it's really refreshing it might suit you to use it after some sport activity as well, I love to use it after showering or after taking a long bath. I use the pillow mist or the cologne for this, whichever is nearer to my hands. In summer time you can also spray this on your hand fan and smell it while you try to cool down. It can be used as a lovely greeting for your guests. You can offer them to wash their hands and apply this cologne to refresh after their traveling. As stated before, you can use this on your clothes, linen, to refresh your room. The cologne can be opened in full and the spray pump can be removed so you can also pour some of the cologne into your bath if you like. If you are feeling down or even a bit sick, you can spray this on handkerchief and breathe it in a bit, to help you calm down and feel more alert.

If you decide to try out the collection or you already have let me know what you think! I would love to read your comments and experiences with the collection. If you have tried any other products by Le Couvent Des Minimes, let me know as well, so I can add some more to my never ending wishlist! Slovenian readers can buy these products at Muller and Nama stores. The price for the cologne Eau Sereine is 29,90 euros for 100 ml, the pillow mist 18,50 euros for 100 ml and 6,60 euros for 25ml hand cream.  More about it you can find on the  Nama web store, where you can also order online. ;)

To me these products have easily become essential for every day use and care. I loved them in the spring season and they are a must in the summer one as well! They truly are my holy grail and I never leave home without my cologne in my bag.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Pillow mist and one hand cream were given to me for review purposes. The cologne and one hand cream were purchased by me.

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  1. Ta kolekcija je res božansko dišeča. <3 Nisem ravno pristašica svežih vonjev, ampak ta je res super, ker te pomiri in osveži. :)
    Kolonjsko jaz tudi ogromno uporabljam in tekočina se že nevarno bliža polovici stekleničke. :/ :)
    Me pa mika še ta meglica, ampak zaenkrat imam preveč teh sprejev, pa še malo mi je izven budgeta trenutno. Sicer pa občasno kar malo kolonjske uporabim namesto te meglice pred spanjem in tudi mojemu fantu zelo ustreza ta pomirjajoč vonj. :P


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