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How to take care of your skin with WorldNaturelle :)

Hello! Are you a nature lover? Do you prefer to pamper your skin with natural cosmetics, possibly homemade, from all natural ingredients? If you are or you would like to get to know some new natural products than read on! :)

My friend Tina currently resides in London and that's where she began to create her own natural, homemade cosmetics under the name WorldNaturelle.  Why is it so interesting and special?  The products are 100% natural,  organic, handmade  and eco-friendly. They are stored and packaged in recycled, reused packaging. They are made with love for nature and contain no chemicals, additives which makes them safe to use for those of you who have sensitive skin. Products are made with love and care for health and go hand in hand with the saying "don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth". :)

I have really been looking to exploring something different than my usual cosmetics! This is simply different and attracts me immediately! I have already mentioned these goodies in my last months New In post you can read here :)

Packaging - I usually write about a specific packaging for every product but this time I wanted to write about it separately and highlight the fact that all packaging is recycled, reused and lives up to the expectations of someone who is a true nature lover! I love the idea and the design, especially that everything is handwritten! Yes, handwritten, not printed! It doesn't get any more personal than that! It simply states the mind set and soul of it's creator and by the way, I love her handwriting!

First product I have tested was this Reviving Lavander all - in - one body scrub! As this is 100% natural product you must keep in mind that it will not last for a year or more, most of these products last up to 3 months, unless you use them up first! This product is a bit different than the others I have tried as it can be used in three different ways - it can be a body scrub, it can be a shower gel due to the natural herbal scents and it can also be used as a bath salt! I admit, I have been using it for all of the  above mentioned! This one I have tested contains 130 ml of product, but the quantity can vary.

I have used it as a scrub - it has bigger particles and can be a bit rough, which means you need to take time while pampering and scrub gently. Just take a bit in your hand and move it along your skin, I use it all over my body. As it has a lovely lavander scent and  includes also essential oils you can use it as a shower gel, but that mostly depends on your skin - what are your needs? I personally don't have much problems with my skin on my body and can use it on it's own and gently exfoliate as well as shower just with this product. If you have any skin irritations, unhealed scars and such be extra careful around those areas. But mostly this is  a very good body scrub that will suit any skin type. As it contains essential oils it also nourishes and can be used also on dry skin, for those with sensitive skin I dare not say, but I think it should work for them too! What makes this scrub also visually appealing are the used ingredients that give it colour and texture - pink sea salt and dried lavander flowers :) What gives this body scrub an extra scent boost is lavander essential oil and the oil nourishing your skin is sweet almond oil :) 

I have also used this as a bath salt, love the gentle scent of lavander that lasts in my bathroom even after use! The only thing you need to do after you use it as a bath salt is make sure you wash out your bathtub, as there may remain some particles of dried lavander flowers :) Also, Himalayan pink sea salt is known for its properties and helps with dermatitis skin and even oedema. You can also try a Fresh peppermint scrub and Smells like coconut and feels like Calendula scrub.

The second product I have tried has become easily one of my favourite cosmetic products of all time! Really, I mean it! I love this Rich Lavander body balm! Mine contains 60 ml of the product but can also be in packagings of 120 ml.  It's as the name already suggests a really nourishing product that can be used all over your body! It's creamy, rich and spreads easily, the texture is easy to work with and I love to use it just as a hand cream or on my legs and arms, especially areas where I have dry skin. Also it's a very good body balm to use after shaving your legs for example, as it helps regenerate your skin and make it nourished and silky smooth. In warmer months this might be a bit too oily, but I started testing this at the beginning of September and it worked just fine. I believe it's a great product for the upcoming colder months! Again, the product should last you up to 3 months, but I believe I will finish it up sooner. 

I love the scent of it, lavander essential oil is very strong here but I love it! My boyfriend however sometimes claims the scent is too strong, but only someone who doesn't like lavander scent much would comment like this. If you love anything lavander scented this is a must try! Also the ingredients making sure your skin is well pampered are 100% raw organic virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, 100% organic and unrefined shea butter and beeswax :) This really just melts between my fingers and you don't need much of it for one use, for example, when I use it as a hand cream, I only need one drop, gently massage it into my hands and also around my nails, wait a couple of minutes and it sinks in! Really, it doesn't leave any greasy feeling or shine on your skin, unless you apply too much. I find it better to take a bit and spread it on and than see if you need some more, because usually you don't! Once it gets into contact with the warmth of your skin a size of one drop of the product will get you far! 

Also, this is my favourite packaging of them all! It looks so rustic and vintage and well, fits with the concept and lavander scent and all, really love it! I keep this on my desk, right next to my laptop at all times as I love to use it on daily basis! My skin is well nourished and heals a lot faster (I had a lot of scratched mosquito bites and that needed some more care). You can also get this product in Healing Calendula body butter version :) The second version has a different texture and is actually meant for very, very dry skin, those with dermatitis as it has better healing properties thanks to Calendula macerated oil. Especially good for those with sensitive skin and can be applied to face or body!

Another product that has taken residence on my desk is Calendula & Shea Kiss lip balm. It contains 15 ml of the product. It has a slight Calendula scent, but a pleasant one, it's got a hard texture and I usually just help myself get it out with my nails, just enough for a tip of a knife and spread it on my lips with the help of my fingers. Once it melts on my lips it's got a light texture, it's not sticky, it feels comfortable. It gives my lips  a bit of shine, until the product sinks into the lips. Also can be used as a lip balm or as a remedy for any other dry patches you might have anywhere on your body. It's base is organic shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax and than added homemade calendula macerated oil. It's a great product especially for colder months and a great first aid remedy for dry lips and any other dry patches you might have. I have been using it on my face a bit, because I had a couple of dry patches from my previous acne, and it did help my skin regenerate faster and eliminate my dry spots. As for the lips, they seem to really like this lip balm, it's gentle, non greasy and effective. You can also try Pure Organic Shea butter :) Also lasts about up to three months :) My lips have been feeling a lot less dry this past month, I believe they really liked this lip balm!

I have also tried two products for showering, called Herbal one-time shower pack in I love Coconut & Lavander and Fresh as a Peppermint shower gel.  These two are a bit different than your average shower gels! These herbal shower packs come packaged in a recycled paper and once you unwrap it inside you see a small round tin that resembles the size of lip balm with butters and oils and a big tea bag! Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I bet you are wondering how you use it! Don't throw away the wrapping paper just yet, there are instructions how to use written on it! 

First you need a bigger cup, about half a liter will do it. You boil 250 ml of water and pour it over a tea bag. You need to steep it for at least 5 minutes, but can leave it in longer, for lets say maximum 15 minutes (don't forget it, as you need the water to remain hot for the second part!). The longer you leave it in the stronger the scent and colour of your tea. Than you add the oils and butters mix that comes in the tin and stir! After it is completely melted you can add some cold water into the cup, as you prefer, to even the temperature of your shower gel and you are good to go get a shower! I wouldn't let it cool off, as the oils and butter will cool and stick together again and you need your shower gel to be liquid.  These herbal shower gels can be used for shaving as well, just pour it over your legs for example and shave. The mixture will provide a thin, pleasant barrier between the skin, prevent irritations and nourish it. 

You can choose from four different ones - I have tried two, the other two are Lavander shower gel and Refreshing Orange/Bergamot shower gel. They are really different and take a bit of time to prepare, so they may not appeal to the lazy ones, me included, but it's really easy to prepare it and you only need about maximum 10 to 20 minutes before you go under shower. I have not used it for shaving, just as a shower pack and I really liked it! The Coconut & Lavander one smelled really lovely and nourished my skin really well, no greasy residue on my skin, just slightly scented smooth skin. The second one I have tried, the Peppermint one, smelled like heaven, really refreshed me and woke up my senses. It's  a really interesting twist to anything I have tried so far, plus it's all natural. 

The Coconut& Lavander one is based, as the name already suggests, on organic coconut butter. lavander essential oil, dried calendula and lavander flowers (in the tea bag). The Peppermint one is based on sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil and dried mint leaves (tea bag). Easy ingredients and a whole new experience! With the Coconut& Lavander one it took me some more work to stir it up, as I needed the butter to melt well, with oils it's a bit easier but still need to be stirred well. Also with the Peppermint one you can leave your tea bag a bit longer to steep, up to 20 minutes, if you want stronger scent. Plus be careful when you open the oils mix, as you can spill some of it out on the desk, as I did, clumsy me! Anyway, I have really loved these two herbal shower packs, they were something I have never tried before and I would love to use again!

So, what makes these products great? They are natural, organic, handmade, packaged in recycled containers and paper. A big bonus are the playful names of the products and easy and clear instructions how to use a certain product - and all that handwritten! What could be better? I see this as a great idea I hope will blossom into something more and also a great line of products to give as gifts (for those of you already thinking what to get for this years Christmas)! :)

If you are interested in how to make something like this at home or where to get these products, please go check out her blog - WorldNaturelle or follow her on Facebook. :) If you would like to try these products out contact her on her blog or FB page, shipping to a certain country is a matter of agreement :)

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Hope this post was helpful to you! Thanks for reading! 

Love, UniqaPoly


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