Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer refresh - Oriflame Love Nature: Energising Mint & Raspberry

Hello! In these hot days I am always inclined to use products that feel fresh, smell fresh and light. One of the best summer products I have been using so far are the trio by Oriflame. These one come from their latest updated collection called Love Nature. The Energising Mint & Raspberry line offers a peeling shower gel, body lotion and soap bar. Here's why I think anyone who loves mint or/and raspberry should try these!

Exfoliating shower gel

A product that quickly became my favourite was definitely this exfoliating shower gel. It includes natural micro pearls that don't cause extra pollution once you wash them down the drain. They are not made from plastic like with many other exfoliating/scrub kind of products which makes it super nature friendly! The bottle is super cute, looks like a boutique version then the usual shower gels you get to buy in drugstores. It includes 500 ml or 250 ml of product and the gel is biodegradable. I love the exfoliating part as it's gentle enough for my skin and doesn't cause any extra irritations. I also like it feels fresh and light and doesn't leave a greasy feel after it. It doesn't dry up my already dry skin on my legs and at the same time I feel like my arms and beck are gently scrubbed but not itching or red.  The scent of this collection is really something - perfect summer combination!

Body lotion Energising Mint & Raspberry

The plastic tube includes 200 ml of this deliciously smelling body lotion. It has a thin, slightly runny texture. This makes it perfect for a summer kind of product as it feels light on the skin and absorbs well and quickly. It's most suitable for normal to mixed skin, for really dry skin I would recommend something a bit more nourishing. It doesn't have any additional colouring, so it's the usual white coloured product. It doesn't leave any greasy  residue on the skin, but I mostly use it on my legs where I have more issues with dry skin then anywhere else. The scent of this one is the same as with the shower gel, which is always appreciated. I hate when a collection has slight differences in scents from product to product. I like that the mint is a bit more dominant and the cooling, fresh feeling is what stands out. The raspberry isn't that obvious at first, but I can smell the fruity base and I really like the combo!

Soap bar Energising Mint & Raspberry

The soap bar is pretty standard and classic product. Though I don't really use soap bars anymore, I still like it when they come together with the rest of the collection. This one had an interesting shape that made it easier to hold in my hands. The scent was the same and it felt like it did a good job, cleansed my hands, no greasy feeling on my hands and not drying them out.  The packaging includes 75 g of soap, but I would prefer it if the packaging was made from paper.

I am loving the new, revamped Love Nature collection.The packaging looks more chic, the formulas are better made and they are environment friendly. I love the exfoliating shower gel the most from the bunch! I will definitely try some more!

Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR products. My review is based on my own experiences with the products.


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