Friday, February 24, 2017

Preview: Essence - Little Beauty Angels LE

The new essence trend edition “little beauty angels colour correcting” is on a heavenly mission from mid March to mid April 2017. The products help balance out small skin flaws with contrasting colours to ensure a flawless, radiant complexion. Pink gives tired skin a wide-awake look, green neutralizes redness and beige corrects skin irregularities.

Loose setting powder - The powder sets the make-up, conceals light redness and ensures a fresh look. flawless lilly! Available in 01 I'm flawless minty!, 02 I'm flawless lily!

Mini make-up sponges - These little helpers can be used to apply, contour and blend creamy make-up textures. Available in 01 pretty little angels.

Primer stick - Corrects tired, red areas of skin or dark shadows. Vitamin A and E ingredients provide moisture. Available in 01 on my concealing mission, 02 on my anti-redness mission, 03  on my covering mission.

Concealer palette - Four colour correcting heroes with a high coverage combined in one palette to hide small skin flaws. Available in 01 four angels for brightness.

Core lip primer - The core makes small lines disappear, while the outer texture lightens lips slightly to intensify the colour of the lipstick applied on top. Available in 01 prime time angel.

Brush duo - The ideal brush duo for the application of cream and liquid textures. Available in 01 one team, one mission.

Face perfection primer - The ideal base has a mattifying effect and extends the durability of make-up. Available in 01 I'm your wake-up angel, 02 I'm your anti-redness angel, 03 I'm your brightening angel.

Multicolour matt pearls - The pearls unite all correcting colours, have a mattifying effect and create a radiant complexion. Available in 01 call me a multitalent angel.

Nail polish - White tea extract visibly lightens the nails, argan oil has a regenerating effect and provides moisture. Available in 01 Care& rosy dare!, 02 Care & dare minty!, 03 Care & dare lily!

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